How Long Should I Exercise On A Treadmill?

Your treadmill workouts should last between 30 and 60 minutes per workout. The optimal workout schedule including treadmill exercise would be around four days a week on the treadmill, with off-days including weight-bearing or “resistance exercise” two or three of the other days. Essentially, you should include a certain amount of weight-lifting, whether this is with weights, bands or some other workout apparatus.

Treadmill Workout Routines

Different people are going to have different treadmill workout routines. The point of exercise is to increase your metabolism, build muscle mass and burn off calories, though, so most human bodies do well engaging in workouts which last half-and-hour to an hour long. This allows you to increase your body’s blood flow and metabolism, which produces healthy results throughout the day. A faster metabolism increases blood flow through the body, getting more oxygen to your cells and burning calories faster than otherwise throughout the day. Also, a sensible workout program helps you increase your muscle mass, which in turn burns off more calories than fat cells do. Finally, the act of working out on a treadmill burns calories while you work out. While important, the first two outcomes are just as important in using a treadmill to build a healthier life.

If you want a more intensive treadmill experience, I would not suggest you work out on the treadmill much longer than an hour a day. If you want to increase your workout program, increase the speed at which you set the treadmill. Find a treadmill speed where you can work out in an hour or less and still get the results you want.

When you ask “how long should I exercise on a treadmill”, you may be asking what the average workout on the treadmill is. If that’s the question you want answered, I would say around 45 minutes. I’m not just splitting the difference in my range of times, though. Go on a workout message board and notice how most people seem to be exercising on their treadmill in the 40 to 45 minutes range. This should get you into a zone where you are fat burning, while raising your metabolism if you have been sedentary for a while.

Healthy Treadmill Exercises


Remember, the point is to exercise on your treadmill to make yourself healthier. So you don’t want to over-exercise and hurt yourself. If you are just beginning a workout program, don’t try to run an hour on the treadmill. That’s going to put undue stress on your body, perhaps creating shin splints or any number of other workout injuries.

For example, if your question was, “I am just starting to work out. How long should I exercise on a treadmill?”, I would suggest you start at 30 minutes and work your way up from there. Exercising for a better life is not about where you start your journey, but where you finish your journey. So start your treadmill workouts at a reasonable, healthy pace and work from there. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to increase your time of workout and speed of workout.

But whether you have just started getting in shape again or if you are a workout freak who’s getting back on a gym schedule after a two-week vacation, remember that you can’t do it all in a day. Work out for the long term. Don’t got an hour if you are just starting out your workouts on a treadmill. Don’t go an hour-and-a-half if you’re trying to make up for a lost week. Just get into a healthy treadmill workout routine and keep working at a steady, healthy pace.