How to Get Rid of Bruises

How to Get Rid of Bruises

A bruise, known in the medical world as a contusion, is a simple injury in which the capillaries beneath the skin rupture, and blood flows into the surrounding tissue. Blood trapped in that tissue has a reddish-purple appearance, though bruises can be many different colors and sizes.

Bruising happens when the body makes hard contact with another surface. You can bruise from falling into water at a high speed just as easily as you can bruise from slamming your thumb in the door. People’s bodies bruise differently. Some bodies bruise more easily than others, so no two bruises are alike.

Why Do People Bruise Easily?

Some people bruise from the lightest contact, and this is a problem medically and aesthetically. Most people who bruise easily do so for specific reasons:

  • People with platelet disorders or blood coagulation disorders will bruise easily.
  • People with a deficiency in vitamin C are more susceptible to bruising.
  • People with certain cancers and other serious diseases bruise easily.

If you’re concerned about your bruising, you should always contact a doctor.

If you’re interested in preventing recurring bruises, here are some ways you can make yourself less bruise-prone.

There are a large number of women, usually young, educated, single women, who seem to bruise easier than any other part of the population. This phenomenon is not new to doctors, and most of these women find out about the phenomenon when they ask their doctor about it. It seems that some ingredients in some forms of birth control (whether it is the chemical that controls ovulation or some other additive to the pill is not clear) can cause a person to bruise easily when combined with even moderate consumption of alcohol. It isn’t that these women are any clumsier than their male counterparts. But their use of birth control combined with an occasional drink means that their bodies are more likely to bruise from everyday life, like bumping into a chair or stubbing a toe.

Women who take birth control and drink alcohol, even occasionally, can do one simple thing to prevent this touch and go bruising. Consume lots of vitamin C. Most women with this bruising problem add a few extra sources of C to their diet and the bruising goes away. If you add more C to your diet and you still bruise easier than most, you should consult your doctor for further testing.

Medical Treatment For Bruises

How to Get Rid of Bruises

There’s not much you can do to heal your bruise. Once a bruise happens, it takes time to go away. You can reduce any swelling and attempt to cover up the mark of the bruise itself, though.

Here are some tips to help a bruise victim deal with the pain and attempt to cover the bruise.


Acetaminophen or ibuprofen are over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that you can take to deal with bruise pain. Always follow the instructions on the label of the medication you take, and consult a doctor before taking either of these medications if you have health problems or are pregnant or nursing.


Using an ice pack or a bag of ice directly on top of the bruise will help with pain and can reduce the swelling of the bruise. Reduced swelling means a reduced appearance of the bruise.

You don’t just have to use ice. If you roll Play-Dough up into a log and freeze it inside a freezer bag for a few days, it will act as the perfect moldable cold compress, and it will stay cold almost as long as ice will.

Other Bruise Treatments

Elevating the bruise above the level of your heart will both reduce swelling and pain. Some people believe that this also reduces the appearance of the bruise, but this hasn’t been proven.

If you want to reduce swelling quickly, apply a compression bandage tight enough to temporarily restrict blood flow to the bruise, and keep it elevated. This will reduce swelling fast, but it can keep the bruise itself from healing too. Also, be careful not to restrict blood flow for too long, as that can cause further injury.

Arnica is an herbal supplement to reduce pain, swelling, and to promote healing to bruises. It comes from a flower that grows in the mountains, and has been used for centuries to promote healing and reduce pain. Arnica has been proven scientifically to flush out the trapped blood of a bruise, and it could be your best chance to get rid of a bruise fast. Arnica is available as a paste or as a pill, though the paste is said to work better for bruises.

Folk Remedies for Bruises

Athletic trainers deal with contusions all the time. Football pads don’t protect the body from serious bruising. Many athletic trainers keep a small pot for melting chocolate in their offices. Many people swear that an application of melted chocolate on top of the bruise, wrapped in gauze overnight, can reduce healing time for bruises. If you have access to a steady supply of melted chocolate, you could keep yourself bruise free for years to come.

Eating foods that are high in vitamin E, or just applying vitamin E cream directly to the bruise, are said to reduce healing time, although this has never been proven medically.

Cover Up Your Bruise

If you want to hide a nasty bruise really fast, as in within the hour, you’re going to have to become skilled at applying makeup. If you’re a man, or a lady unfamiliar with makeup, try to ask the customer service people at the makeup counter at your local pharmacy for help. They’ll be happy to pick the color out and teach you how to apply the makeup.

Bruises aren’t the end of the world, and most of us don’t even notice the tiny bruises we all have all over our bodies. When bruises are ugly or particularly painful, it can seem like there’s no way at all to treat them. Use the above tips, and make sure to buy a pot for melting chocolate, to make bruises a thing of the past.

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