How to Lose Water Weight

How to Lose Water Weight

Water weight refers to excess weight on your body due to stored water. When you retain extra water, you feel “bloated”, and as your wrists, hands, ankles, and feet swell (not to mention your face) your weight is going through the roof. The strange thing about losing water weight is that the easiest cure is simply to drink more water — sounds counter-productive, but it is true.

Your body takes on extra water weight when you get dehydrated or your body thinks you may be getting dehydrated. Your body is retaining water as a counterattack against dehydration. That’s why water weight is a sign that you need to drink a ton of water, and fast.

But when it comes to losing water weight quickly, there are some things you can do to get rid of the water weight you’re carrying now and keep it off in the future.

1.Drink Water All the Time

I’m not exaggerating here — you need to start drinking water constantly. Buy a large (64 oz.) refillable container to hold

the huge amount of water you’ll be consuming. Getting a big water jug makes it easy for you to stay on track with your water consumption. They’re also extremely cheap at any chain discount store or sporting goods store. The fact is — you need to make drinking water a part of your daily routine, and you can cram a ton of water into a 64 oz. jug. Because these jugs are portable, you can bring your water supply with you wherever you go. You’ll want to start out by drinking at least one entire jug of water during the day, though your goal needs to be two jugs a day. With this massive amount of water intake, your body will shed its excess water and your weight will drop noticeably.

2. Add Lemon or Lime to Your Water

Here’s a simple weight loss trick that tastes great and is mostly unknown — just adding a little bit of lemon or lime to your water can help you shed water weight. Now that you’ve got a giant container of water, squeeze a little bit of lemon or lime juice in there with your next fill-up and enjoy the delicious taste as you drop pounds. You can use any citrus fruit juice (as long as its natural and doesn’t have added sugar or sodium) though lemons and limes are cheapest and taste the best. Citrus fruit acts as a natural diuretic (a chemical that makes you pass urine more efficiently) and the refreshing taste makes it easier for you to drink the necessary amount of water each day.

How to Lose Water Weight

3. Cut Out the Sodium

Yes, you’re going to need to modify your diet a little to lose water weight — the good news is, all you have to do is eat less salt. Low sodium foods are everywhere these days, and there’s no reason you can’t cut out at least a third of the salt from your diet. The formula here is simple — drink more water and your body can get rid of some of its storage of sodium. By switching to a low sodium diet, your body stores less excess water, and you’ll find you need less water for the same weight loss result in the future. Many people who are trying to lose weight have switched to diet sodas without realizing the huge impact these sodas have on their sodium intake. If you cut out diet sodas, you’ll notice a big change in your water weight.

4. Try Diuretics

We’re talking about natural substances that can flush your body of water weight here, not chemicals. Natural diuretics help your body flush its water weight. There are prescription diuretics that your doctor can prescribe, but that only happens in special cases. Prescription diuretics are hard on the body and usually come with a side effect of heavy diarrhea. Instead of risking harming yourself further with a prescription strength diuretic drug, look into herbal diuretics available at health food stores for a more natural detox experience. Getting rid of excess water weight is good for your body, but should be handled as naturally as possible.

5. Crank Up the Exercise

You knew there’d be some exercise in this plan, right? Though you shouldn’t think of exercise as “cumulative water weight loss” (in some cases, your body may hold more water after a workout than before) but as a way to encourage your body’s general health.

Though drinking a large amount of water will always be the biggest part of any water weight loss program, throwing some citrus juice in your water, taking natural diuretics, eating low sodium foods, and doing cardio and other exercises will also spark water weight loss. Losing water weight is a great way to start down the path towards a beautiful and healthy body, and along with a comprehensive weight loss plan could turn you into an Adonis in no time.

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