How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to Lose Weight in a Week

Most doctors will tell you that a diet takes time, and that the amount of weight you can lose in the first week of a diet is somewhere in the neighborhood of five pounds, depending on your body size and type.

How to Lose Weight in a Week

Losing weight in just a week is difficult because changing your habits enough to see weight loss after just seven days can be really tough. Here are three diet plans said to help you lose tons of weight in under a fortnight.

Calorie Restriction

Though it isn’t really “a diet”, restricting the calories you take in is the easiest way to lose weight fast. For most people, weight gain and loss is a simple formula–the calories you take in minus the calories you burn off equals your net weight gain or loss. There are a few other factors, but for the most part you can change your weight by changing the amount of calories you eat.

Though the FDA recommends most people eat a 2,000 calorie diet (an oft-quoted an unrealistic number for most of us), you can restrict yourself to 1,600 or so calories a day without doing any real harm.

The goal is to restrict yourself to 1,600 “good” calories, meaning whole grains, fiber, proteins, etc., and avoid salts, sugar, fat, and alcohol. If you combine your caloric restriction with twenty minutes of cardio exercise a day, you could see as much as three pounds shed within seven nights.

One key to restricting calories is to take a day off every now and then. If you eat 1,600 calories a day for four days, you can go ahead and break the rules for a day and eat what you like. This keeps your body healthy and full of the nutrients it needs (remember, fat is a nutrient) and it keeps you motivated to lose weight. (See also: What Is a 1200 Calorie Diet?)

The Sacred Heart Diet

This diet was created as a quick way to help heart patients lose “a significant amount of weight” in just a week before serious heart surgery. Since many of these surgeries have to be done quick, heart patients don’t always have six months to lose weight before they go under the knife.

This diet is similar to the cabbage soup diet, except that this soup is much tastier, so the diet’s easier to stick with. No one knows who created this diet– though it was rumored to be from hospitals like the Cleveland Clinic or Sacred Heart Hospital in Canada, no one has taken credit for it–but it is proven to be an effective weight loss tool. You can lose from ten to twenty pounds in a single week if you follow the diet religiously and exercise more. This is not realistic weight loss, and by most doctor’s standards it isn’t exactly “healthy”, but for people about to undergo surgery of any kind it can be a huge help.

The idea behind the Sacred Heart Diet is to eat a special “fat-burning soup” every day while you follow a diet plan for each day of the week. The recipe for the soup is simple, and pretty tasty. It includes tomatoes, green beans, celery, green peppers, green onions, carrots, chicken broth, and a few seasonings.

Here’s the Sacred Heart Diet plan for each day of your seven-day diet. Remember that you can eat as much of the fat-burning soup as you want while eating the other foods allotted for that day.

Day One–Soup and any fruit except for bananas.

Day Two–Soup and vegetables–no dry beans, peas, or corn. At dinner on Day Two, you eat a baked potato with butter.

Day Three–Soup, fruit (no bananas!), and veggies except for potato. By the third day, you can lose as much as seven pounds. That weight loss can be a big motivator to continue the diet.

Day Four–You must eat three bananas and drink plenty of skim milk on the fourth day. At this point in the diet, your body needs all the calcium and potassium it can get.

Day Five–Soup, 10-20 ounces of beef prepared any way you want, and four or five whole tomatoes.

Day Six–Soup and as much beef and any veggies you want to eat.

Day Seven–Soup, brown rice, veggies, and lots of unsweetened fruit juice.

Other drinks approved by the Sacred Heart Diet are water, black coffee, tea, cranberry juice, and unsweetened fruit juice. Avoid all alcohol and sugary drinks while on the diet.

As for the claims that you can lose “twenty pounds” in a week on this diet, that is simply nonsense. Your body is only capable of losing a certain amount of fat in a given time period. Since a pound of fat is made up of 3,500 calories, you’d have to restrict your caloric intake to less than zero in order to lose twenty pounds, and that is impossible.

Claims of losing “twenty pounds” are just ways to spread the diet around, claims made by idiots who can’t read a scale, or urban legends.

Russian Air Force Diet

This plan was invented in Russia to keep their pilots’ weight down. No claims are made about how many pounds you can lose a week, but you are almost guaranteed not to gain weight (and to lose a few ounces) if you stick to this diet plan religiously.

The Russian Air Force Diet is basically a calorie restriction diet.

Day 1

Drink coffee and skip breakfast. For lunch, have two eggs and a tomato. For dinner, have seven ounces of red meat and a small green salad.

Day 2

Drink coffee and eat one piece of dry toast for breakfast. For lunch, eat seven ounces of red meat and a small green salad. At dinner, eat five more ounces of meat and have one cup of yogurt.

Day 3

Repeat day 2.

Day 4

Repeat day 2.

Day 5

For breakfast, eat five ounces of meat and one cup of carrots. Lunch should consist of seven ounces of broiled fish and one tomato. Dinner is nine ounces of red meat without a green salad this time.

Day 6

Drink coffee for breakfast with plain toast. For lunch have baked chicken and some kind of citrus fruit. Dinner that night is two eggs and a cup of raw carrots.

Day 7

Have coffee and plain toast for breakfast. Lunch should be seven ounces of red meat and a citrus fruit. For dinner you can eat anything you want as long as it is less than 500 calories.

Repeat this diet for another week.

Be careful with the Russian Air Force Diet, as it is a fairly extreme caloric restriction.┬áBefore you start any diet, especially “extreme” diets like these, talk to your doctor.

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