How to Select a Lift Chair

When you first begin searching for your lift chair, chances are you’ll find yourself swimming in a huge industry that offers countless options for mobility challenged adults. Don’t let this intimidate you. The benefits from purchasing a lift chair are well worth the research and money you’ll invest in your chair. When you buy a lift chair, you’re not only investing in a piece of furniture that will give you increased independence. You’re investing in your own health and wellness. You deserve only the best chair for your body.

Body Size

The first and most important factor to help guide your search for a lift chair is your body size. If you are short and slender, strongly consider buying a small or extra chair. The chair will be much more comfortable for you in the long run and easier to operate. If you’re larger, buying a more heavy-duty chair is essential. Since the strength of the lift mechanisms rely on body weight, if you’re more than 300 pounds you need to buy a stronger chair with better lift mechanisms. If you buy the wrong chair, it will be uncomfortable and last for a shorter amount of time. And since they’re so expensive, that’s the last thing you want!


Once you have figured out what size chair you need, consider your budget. Chairs can run from less than $600 to over $2000. If you have disability assistance or medical insurance that will pay for your chair, then use the maximum amount. The more money you invest, the better quality chair you’ll get. Some options to consider include balanced payment plans or less expensive upholstery on your chair. Or, if you’re more concerned with style rather than budget, feel free to splurge on items such as leather or high cost fabrics to match the furniture you already own.


The final item to consider are the optional accessories you can add to your chair. Some of these options include heat and massage options. Heat is perfect for those who have joint pain or muscular disorders. Heat increases circulation to the area and promotes healing. Massage is perfect for those with very limited mobility and will be sitting for long periods of time. Massage allows you to stay in the chair longer, increases muscle tone and also increases healing.


Two manufacturers to consider:

Pride lift chairs and Golden lift chairs are two of the best lift chair manufacturers in the disabled assistance industry. Pride lift chairs and Golden list chairs are customized to each customer and customized right from the first time they’re built. Pride lift chairs and Golden lift chairs use a specialized mechanical technology that’s almost guaranteed never to malfunction or stop working. They’re also very safe, with emergency disconnect for the hand-operating unit to prevent mishaps. Adults with limited mobility have bought Pride and Gold lift chair units and have the top customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

No matter what you’re disability, you can be sure a lift chair will decrease your fatigue, joint pain and inflammation. Lift chairs can give you the independence you’ve been looking for so you can restore full mobility to your lifestyle.

About the Author: Jan Heinen is a chiropractor hailing from Surrey, British Columbia and specializes in limited mobility care. Visit her website to read about Golden lift chairs and Pride lift chairs.

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