Is Jello a Good Diet Food?

Sugar Free Jello Diet

We have an article about good diet foods, and one of the foods that’s mentioned in the article is that perennial children’s classic, Jello. But is Jello a good diet food?

I’m comfortable saying that Jello is a good diet food, but I wouldn’t center a diet around Jello. I don’t think a “Jello diet” is going to be sweeping the nation any time soon. Although it might make as much sense as a cabbage soup diet or something like that.

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If you’re on a low carb diet, then sugar free Jello is a recommended dessert on most plans. Jello is mostly protein, you see. I know that on the Atkins diet, sugar free Jello with real whipped cream is the customary dessert.

Sugar Free Jello DietIn some respects though, whether or not Jello is a good diet food is a personal issue. Do you like Jello? Do you like it enough to eat Jello often? Do you know any good Jello recipes?

From the perspective of providing nutritional value, Jello doesn’t have a lot going for it. There’s no fiber in Jello, for example. And Jello isn’t exactly loaded with vitamins either. And personally, I could never get any particular feeling of satiety from Jello. (Now the whipped cream was a different story.)

Jello is probably a good diet food from the perspective that it’s a sweet treat that doesn’t contain a lot of calories. So if you have a sweet tooth, then Jello might be excellent diet food indeed.

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