Is The South Beach Diet Healthy?

The South Beach Diet uses the Glycemic Index, also known as the GI, and doctors are generally supportive of diets that use the GI. Most doctors raise their eyebrows at a diet that calls for you to lose up to 13 pounds in the first two weeks (which is what the South Beach Diet suggests it can do). Doctors believe healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds per week. In order to answer “Is the South Beach diet healthy?” First we must take a look at how the South Beach Diet accomplishes this 2lb/week weight loss goal.

During the first two weeks of the South Beach Diet, most carbohydrates are eliminated from your diet. This causes you to rapidly lose weight. The problem with this kind of weight loss is that it’s unlikely to stay off permanently. Once you begin eating carbohydrates again, some of that weight will return, so the rapid weight loss is somewhat illusory. Furthermore, some doctors would suggest it is unhealthy.

South Beach Diet Crash Period

Still, the South Beach Diet offers a healthy diet once you get through the initial two-week crash period. The problem is, many dieters will find it hard to weather the first fortnight. Without any carbohydrates coming into your system, you are likely to feel listless and sometimes dizzy. Your energy levels will be low, which is alarming to many people. Once you get through this phase, the right kinds of carbs will be added to your diet, and your energy levels will increase. So if you can get through the first phase, the South Beach Diet can do good things for you.

Some diet experts and doctors suggest you eliminate phase one of the South Beach Diet and start at phase two. You won’t get the rapid weight loss that’s promised in the South Beach Diet books and advocated by South Beach Diet experts, but you will get a healthier, steadier weight loss. You want to lose the weight for life — not just a few weeks. If you change your eating habits and lifestyle slowly and less radically, your body and mind are more likely to accept these changes. The weight will stay off.

Is South Beach Diet Healthier Than Atkins Diet?


Is the South Beach diet healthy? if so, is it healthier than Atkins? Most doctors would say the South Beach Diet is healthier than the Atkins Diet. If you are going to try one of the two, I would suggest you try the South Beach Diet. Just remember that your body is going to have a hard time with those first 2 weeks, when the restrictions are heavy. Still, the South Beach Diet is somewhat more scientific than the Atkins Diet, which allows dieters to eat all kinds of saturated fats and fried foods. Common sense tells you those foods aren’t healthy.

If it weren’t for some of the more outstanding claims of the South Beach Diet, it would get a clean bill of health from doctors. The rapid weight loss in the first two weeks has been covered, but doctors also suggests that you aren’t going to be able to target which parts of your body lose weight. The South Beach Diet suggests you can lose weight in your stomach by eating the South Beach way. Most doctors will tell you that the way to lose weight and tone your waistline is to do crunches and other exercises which target your middle section. Dieting alone won’t do the trick, even with the South Beach Diet.