Is The Zone Diet Healthy?

This is a sticky question. You’ll find people on either side of this debate. People on the Zone Diet will swear by it, and Barry Sears can convince you that the Zone Diet’s rigid outline for dieting will achieve a balance for your body. But most doctors and medical experts are skeptical and can point to reasons the Zone Diet is not health for you.

Proponents of the Zone Diet

Proponents of the Zone Diet claim the diet teaches them to watch their caloric intake more carefully. It also introduces them to healthy proteins and leaner meats, which can be nothing but healthy. The diet also strictly regulates food intake to keep your insulin levels under control.

Those for the Zone Diet point to successful weight loss when using the Zone Diet properly. They also point to the fact that their diet has tested positively against other low-carb diets in independent studies, and that the Zone Diet presents a more balanced diet than most of the other fad diets out there.

Rapid Water Weight Loss With The Zone Diet

Those against the Zone Diet will point out that its proponents tend to be people who had rapid weight loss using the Zone Diet. But they will point out that most of this rapid weight loss comes from water weight, because carbohydrates store a lot of water. These opponents of the Zone Diet will point out that Zone dieters tend to gain back that weight as soon as the diet becomes unsustainable — which it often does.

Doctors are leary of rapid-weight loss diets. These diets are popular, because people want quick results. But rapid weight loss is not healthy, and people who lose their weight at 5 pounds or more a week are likely to gain it back once they stop their crash dieting. It is better to lose 2 pounds a week, or 3 at most, because this type of weight loss is sustainable and your body is more likely to adjust to it permanently.

Zone Diet In The Balance


Many doctors believe all this carb-bashing is a little unhealthy. It teaches people to avoid carbohydrates as they would a disease, when people need a healthy level of carbs in their diet for energy and health-building processes in the body. The Zone Diet emphasizes proteins to a level than some opponents believe are not healthy, while the “hormone balance” theories have yet to be proven to my satisfaction.

There are worse diets out there than the Zone Diet, no doubt. But I personally would avoid a rapid weight loss diet, because it’s unlikely to get the weight off permanently. Find a diet that is rational and reasonable to follow and, most importantly, sustainable. You have to find a way to change your eating habits which will last a lifetime, not a few months. Otherwise, you will return to the weight you are at currently.

Something all these fad diets fail to mention enough is the important of exercise. No matter what you eat and no matter how you diet, you will not be healthy until you get regular exercise. Exercise gets your blood flowing and your metabolism working, which gives you a feeling of more energy and overall makes you feel better. While I’m not suggesting you get prepared to run a marathon, I am suggesting that diet alone will not solve your weight problems.

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