Nicoderm Coupons

Nicoderm Coupons

Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ are transdermal patches used for smoking cessation. “Transdermal” simply means that the medicine passes directly through the skin and doesn’t require the user to ingest or inject the medication. Nicoderm patches are placed anywhere that skin is bare (preferably non hairy) and clean and dry. The Nicoderm CQ patch provides a measured dose of nicotine to help smokers who are trying to quit give up the habit and get over their nicotine cravings.

Nicoderm was approved by the FDA in 1991 and has since been used by millions of people to help them quit smoking. As part of a smoking cessation program that includes other coping methods, users of the Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ patch can “step down” their nicotine dose as they go, gradually stepping down to get over their habit.

Nicoderm Coupons

Quitting smoking is tough enough. Paying top dollar for Nicoderm CQ patches makes the journey even harder. Regular price for these patches can be anywhere from $25 to $60 a week depending on the retailer and how often you use the patch. Luckily, there are printable coupons and online deals to lighten the burden of smoking cessation.

2011 Printable Nicoderm Coupons

The Nicoderm CQ website runs a regular promotion

good for free product and discounts of future purchases. Simply register with the company by providing some simple details and you’ll be eligible for all kinds of rewards and specials from the manufacturers of Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ.

There are printable coupons for Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ to be found at all the usual coupon spots. RetailMeNot is currently hosting a coupon good at online drugstore OTC Wholesale good for $5 off any $100 purchase. Since Nicoderm and Nicoderm CQ are both rather expensive, you could stock up on your Nicoderm and save some cash in the process by shopping through OTC Wholesale with your coupon from RetailMeNot.

One source of Nicoderm coupons is eBay–you can often find coupons for all sorts of items for sale on eBay, coupons gathered by coupon hunters or bargain seekers that have no need for Nicoderm themselves. Sometimes people get ripped off when buying coupons on eBay, so make sure and check the seller rating and check and see if the coupon deal you’re getting passes the “smell test”. If it seems like too good of a deal, it probably is.

Nicoderm CQ Coupons Online, a “grooming supply” website for men, is offering a coupon good for $6 off the purchase of any variety of Nicoderm or Nicoderm CQ patches. has a slightly better deal–$7 off the purchase of any variety of Nicoderm CQ patches plus a “free sample” provided directly from the company that makes Nicoderm CQ.

Quitting smoking extends your life, makes you smell better, improves the flavor of food, and takes the burden of smoking away. Though Nicoderm CQ patches are not the only way to quit, they are an effective method for most people, and now the high cost of the patches isn’t a reason to not try them out. Register with Nicoderm’s website to get a free sample and a coupon as well as other promotional offers in the future and get out from under the burden of smoking.

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