What Are Some Diet Tips that Actually Work?

What are some diet tips that actually work?

There are plenty of diet tips floating around the Internet, from drink recipes meant to ‘detox’ the body, to the names of the latest dietary supplement meant to “block the intake of fat”, or some similar nonsense.

Here are ten diet tips that actually work. Follow these tips and combine them with a low calorie diet and plenty of exercise to get the weight loss you want.

1. Drink Plenty of Water or Other Calorie-Free Drinks

Some people’s bodies confuse the feeling of thirst for the feeling of hunger, probably because we usually drink plenty of liquids while we eat. The next time you feel hunger at an odd time, try a tall glass of water or a calorie-free juice or diet beverage. You may find that the feeling of nagging hunger is replaced by the satiated feeling of lack of thirst.

2. Eat when You’re Hungry

Learn to look for the physical (and not mental) signs of hunger. The feeling of hunger is your body’s way of telling you that you need to replenish and refuel. If you eat when you’re hungry, you should end a meal feeling satisfied and not bloated or in any kind of pain. Eating when you’re not hungry is a tactic used to manipulate the way you feel mentally, not the way you feel physically.

3. Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Diet Tips That Actually Work

Diet Tips That Actually Work

Avoiding you favorite foods sets up a bad system in which you relapse from your diet and stuff yourself. “Rebound” eating is the main reason that most people’s diets fail, and missing their favorite foods is the main reason why people relapse. There are ways to eat your favorite foods and still stay on your diet. Enjoy a single cookie instead of a whole bag, or a smaller serving of pasta than you would normally eat.

4. Avoid Night-time Snacks

We all know that night is the worst time to eat. You’re less likely to be active after a meal at night and therefore less likely to burn those night time snack calories.

5. Eat Lots of Small Meals

Rather than stuffing yourself at three specific times each day, break your food intake up into five or six smaller “snack like” meals. This makes your metabolism work all the time rather than just a few times a day. This tip has been used as a weight loss aid for as long as humans have been around. People who eat like this have an easier time controlling portions and feel hungry less often.

6. Spice up Your Food

If you find yourself eating small portions and hating it, add some spice to your food to make it more satisfying. Besides the flavor benefits, chiles and other spicy foods make you feel better and can even work as natural pain killers for those everyday aches and pains associated with a new workout regimen.

7. Protein at Every Meal

Proteins are more satisfying to our bodies and minds than carbs or fats, and protein should be a major part of your diet. Even if you prefer to eat little or no meat, you can sneak protein into each meal. Protein rich diets also mean that your body will burn calories faster and amp up your production of muscle mass.

8. Stock up on Healthy & Easy Food

Convenient food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Stock up on fat free microwave popcorn, frozen veggies, bags of pre washed greens, canned beans, or cook a little brown rice and store it in easy to reheat containers. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, but there’s a lot wrong with snacking unhealthily.

9. Eat in Season

Eating fruits and veggies when they are in season means you’re eating them when they are their most flavorful and nutritious. Many people who say they “hate veggies” or “hate fresh fruit” say that because they had veggies and fruits out of season or boiled into a mush. Fresh fruit and veggies are one of the most refreshing and delicious foods you can eat, when they’re ripe and ready.

10. Be Physically Active

This one comes straight from the “obvious department.” Being physically active will increase your ability to lose weight and make you feel better and relieve stress. The key to being physically active is not to punish yourself for bad behavior or use exercise to reward good eating behavior. Do it because it is good for you and it feels good.

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