What Are Some Fast Weight Loss Diets?

You can find fast weight loss diet book sections in all the major book store chains. There seems to be dozens of weight loss experts suggesting you can have fast weight loss with the right diets. You might be wondering what some of these diets are, so here’s a brief overview of three of the most famous fast weight loss diets on the market (Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Zone diet, LA Weight Loss), as well as a new contender (the Abs Diet).

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet was created in the 1970’s by Dr. Robert Atkins. Atkins suggested that too many carbohydrates were the reason people gained weight, so he suggested a low-carb diet and replacing it with proteins. In fact, Atkins dieters are told to cut out carbs like bread, pasta, potatoes and cereals and replace them with meats and other proteins. The person on the Atkins Diet could therefore order a hamburger pattie, but not the hamburger bun. Americans did this by the millions.

The Atkins diet led to rapid weight loss from those using it. Many reported that the diet was unsustainable, though, because they would eventually begin eating carbs again, and the weight would return. Furthermore, many doctors and dieticians argued that a low-carb diet was unhealthy, and the massive proteins eaten could lead to heart disease.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was proposed in the 1980’s by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a doctor and surgeon from Miami, who proposed another approach to the fast weight loss diet. The South Beach Diet criticized the Atkins Diet, saying that people should eliminate “bad carbs”, but eat plenty of “good carbs”. The South Beach Diet tried to eliminate the bad carbohydrates (that have lots of sugars) which cause the liver to produce insulin, which lets the sugar absorb into the body’s cells. The South Beach Diet postulated that the body would gain an immunity to insulin due if too much bad carbs are eaten, so that the liver has to produce more and more insulin. This would eventually lead to peaks in a person’s blood sugar level, causing people to get hungry and also leading to a heightened risk of diabetes.

The South Beach Diet sought to control insulin release and blood sugar levels, so the body wouldn’t have unwanted “peaks of hunger”. Eliminating these would allow someone to lose weight and keep the weight off. The first two weeks of the South Beach Diet required major regulation of one’s eating, though after that point, people would incrementally be allowed to eat more as time went by. Critics criticized the sparseness of the eating cycle in the first two weeks, as well as the claims that South Beach would help people lose so much weight in the first two weeks.

Zone Diet


The Zone Diet (proposed by Barry Sears) advised dieters to eat a fixed ratio of caloric intake: 40% for carbs, 40% for proteins and 30% for fats. When a person is able to maintain this percentage of calories intake, the person would enter the “zone”. When in the Zone, people produce hormones that aid in weight loss and have other healthy side effects.

Critics of the Zone Diets argued against the high amounts of proteins the diet advised eating, while the low-carb (most people eat more than 40% of carbohydrates in their diet and less than 40% proteins in their diet) aspect also drew criticism. Vegans and Vegetarians personally criticized the high-protein advice given by Barry Sears. Medical doctors tended to dismiss the idea that hormonal balance was connected to caloric intake.

The Zone Diet actually performed better than its more famous rivals in one informal test by an independent television program, surprising doctors that it was better at fast weight loss techniques than they would have expected. Diet expert point out that this success is relative, and that fast weight loss generally isn’t healthy.

What Are Some Fast Weight Loss Diets – Abs Diet – The “Abs Diet” describes itself as a “six week plan to flatten your stomach” and suggests you can lose up to 12 pounds from your stomach in the first two weeks of the diet. The Abs Diet suggests it can help you lose weight while eating more “powerfoods”, turn fat into muscle, look and feel younger, live pain-free and “supercharge” your sex life.

The Abs Diet is the brainchild of David Zinczenko, the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine. David Zinczenko covered all the famous (and most of the obscure) fast weight-loss diets in the world, and he proposed his own diet plan when he wrote the book, “The Abs Diet”. At the moment, the Abs diet is an up-and-coming, trendy fast weight-loss diet.

Healthy Fast Weight Loss

Most health experts believe that fast weight loss is not a good idea. Many diets claim to be “healthy fast weight loss” solutions that remove 12 pounds or more in the first two weeks. What they might not tell you is that starvation dieting is only a temporary solution, and that these first 10-15 pounds are often water-weight losses. Once you start to eat normally again, this weight is likely to return, which can be demoralizing for an enthusiastic dieter.

Also, doctors will say that 2 pounds of weight loss a week is about the healthy limit. If you lose a pound a week for 50 weeks, then the 50 pounds you lose is going to be healthier weight loss and you are likely to keep that weight off than if you lose the weight in a fast crash diet. Losing 50 pounds in two-and-a-half months probably isn’t healthy, and you’re likely to gain back some of that weight when you stop using your extreme dieting measures. So try to find a steady weight loss plan instead of a fast weight loss plan, and prepare for a full lifestyle change, and you’re going to be much more likely to keep that weight off.