What Causes Overactive Bladder?

Overactive bladder is usually a symptom of some other condition your body has. So when you have overactive bladder, you need to start asking yourself “What is causing my overactive bladder”. Generally, the condition isn’t going to be serious, though it sometimes might be chronic. In some cases, the cause of your overactive bladder is treatable and temporary, and therefore those suffering with overactive bladder don’t necessarily have to put up with frequent urination. Either way, you need to know why you have an overactive bladder.

Five Common Causes of Overactive Bladder

Here are five common causes of overactive bladder. These are by no means the only causes of overactive bladder, so you should talk to your doctor before deciding that you have any of these conditions.

  1. Bladder Stones – Bladder stones are mineral deposits which form in your bladders. These mineral deposits generally happen when stagnant urine stays in your bladder. Like overactive bladder, bladder stones can be caused by more serious conditions like nerve damage, an enlarged prostate or urinary tract infections. These bladder stones might eventually pass out of your bladder (with pain), or might need to be removed by a doctor.
  2. Side Effects From Drug – If you have started taking new drugs for some other condition and you suddenly have overactive bladder, ask the doctor who prescribed the medicine if it’s known to cause overactive bladder. If you can’t wait, check on the internet for the answer to the same question, but talk to your doctor for the definitive answer to your overactive bladder question. Drugs generally have side effects and overactive bladder is occasionally one of those side effects.
  3. causes-overactive-bladder
    Nerve Damage
    – People who have recently had pelvic trauma or abdominal trauma recently sometimes develop overactive bladder. Surgery in the lower abdominal area also is known to cause overactive bladder. So if you’ve had a recent trauma or surgery and you develop overactive bladder, the cause might simply be this latest event. Nerve damage can be temporary or permanent, so if you believe you have nerve damage that’s causing overactive bladder, talk to your physician what can be done to help your condition.
  4. Cancer of the Bladder or Prostrate – I don’t want to alarm the readers, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that overactive bladder is sometimes caused by bladder cancer or prostate cancer. If you cannot control your urination, it’s important that you check with your doctor and make certain to have your overactive bladder condition examined. You never know what new medical condition you might have, so cover all your bases and don’t simply try to fight through an overactive bladder condition.
  5. Neurological Diseases – Various neurological diseases have been known to lead to overactive bladder syndrome. If you have recently had a stroke or you have developed Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis, it’s possible that your overactive bladder condition might be caused by this more general condition.

What Causes Overactive Bladder – Final Summary

The point being, overactive bladder has so many possible causes that an overactive bladder sufferer needs to start narrowing the possibilities. Once you have figured out you have overactive bladder, don’t suffer with it and don’t assume it’s going to go away. Talk to your family practitioner and make certain you have a pretty good idea why you suffer from overactive bladder. Not knowing can make your life miserable, and sometimes it hurts your chances to cure your overactive bladder.