What is a Chair Lift: New Options for Limited Mobility Adults

Many adults have never heard of a lift chair, especially if they’ve never worked with mobility limited adults before. Some automatically think of a lift chair as a van lift to transport wheelchairs or a chair that lifts people up stairways. On the contrary, lift chairs are chairs that slowly rise and sink in an arching motion to provide comfortable recliners for adults who cannot sit down or stand up comfortably. Such disability is often independent of age and is commonly seen in adults who have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or osteoporosis.

Enabling Independence

Lift chairs are wonderful because they allow disabled adults to experience full independence and enjoy a recliner like any other adult. The lift chair very slowly rises in an arc, and as it rises, the occupant’s feet meet the floor and are helped to a full standing position. For sitting, all the occupant has to do is lean against the back and chair slowly lowers. This allows the occupant to avoid sitting down heavily (i.e. “falling into” a chair) and this reduces impact on joints and muscles.

Lift chairs also come with many options. Many of them have available massage and heat options, which also serve a healing purpose.

  • Massage helps to keep muscles from atrophy and allows occupants to stay in the chair for longer periods of time.
  • Heat relaxes joints and helps reduce inflammation. This also increases circulation to an area, which promotes healing.


Many adults often delay getting a lift chair because they’re concerned about how it will look in their living room. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, lift chairs were often very cumbersome and inconvenient. Often they were not available in many fabrics either, making it obvious that the chair was for medicinal use. Today, lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes and are often indiscriminate from regular recliners. Lift chairs can be purchased in leather, fleece, corduroy… you name it, lift chairs can be upholstered in it! Such diversity in design allows mobility limited adults to enjoy a fashionable lift chair in addition to decreased pain for sitting and standing.

Lift chairs come in all shapes and sizes for mobility limited adults. Whether you’re 100 pounds or 500 pounds, a Golden Technologies lift chair is out there to help you reach full independence no matter what disability you have. When you order a customized chair, you are ensuring top quality materials for the size chair you need. You’re also possibly saving money, especially if you need a smaller chair that tends to run less expensively than a standard sized chair. Golden Technologies always creates their chairs right from the get-go. You won’t be unsatisfied with a Golden Technologies lift chair.

Today disabled and mobility challenged adults can find unparalleled independence in the tools and therapies available in the disability assistance industry. Lift chairs are quickly becoming very popular because of their styling, high quality and great assistance to disabled adults. Lift chairs can reduce swelling, inflammation and allow older adults to have an easy time getting in and out of their very own comfortable recliner.

About the Author: Jan Heinen is a chiropractor hailing from Canada and specializes in limited mobility. Visit her website to read about a Golden Technologies lift chair or a Pride Mobility lift chair.

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