What Is The Mongolian Death Worm?

It sounds like something from a rally bad sci-fi movie. You can just imagine a rubber suit with big bug eyes terrorizing helpless women. But in reality, the Mongolian Death Worm is a legendary creature who myth goes back hundreds of years. It is considered to be a cryptozoological animal whose existence is unconfirmed and debated by paranormal researchers and monster hunters worldwide. The Mongolian nomads have told stories of this creature for generations and hold the belief that it is real. They do not like to even mention its name for fear that it will bring about bad luck. But what is the Mongolian Death Worm? Where are they reported to live? Has anyone ever seen one? If you are drawn to stories about mythical creatures and have ever wondered if one might exist, then this article is for you.

What Does The Mongolian Worm Look Like?

The Mongolian name for the animal is Allghoi Khorkhoi. The name is translated as “intestine worm” because of its resemblance to a large intestine. The first reference to the worm in the Western World was in the 1926 book On The Trail Of Ancient Man by the explorer and paleontologist Professor Roy Chapman Andrews. He describes the worm, as detailed to him by Mongol nomads, as around 2 feet long and thick as a man’s wrist. It is red in color like blood. There are no visible eyes, nose, or mouth and it moves in a squirming, wriggling fashion. Other reports indicate the worm to be up to five feet in length and have dark splotches or spikey protrusions on its body.

Where Do The Mongolian Death Worms Live?


The Mongolian Death Worm lives in the southern region of the Gobi desert in Mongolia. This is one of the largest deserts in the world and is around 1,300,000 square kilometers of nothing but sand and rocks. There are mountains in the Gobi and the arid region makes it difficult to search for a creature that can burrow under the sand and rocks. Legend has it that the creature hibernates throughout most of the year and comes out only during the months of June and July. It is sometimes said to prefer to come out after the sun goes down and after a rain where it will wriggle around in the mud.

How Does The Mongolian Worm Cause Death?

The Mongolian Death Worm is said to be highly toxic. Just touching its skin is enough to kill a grown man. Researchers believe that the worm might secrete a poisonous substance from its body. Its venom is even rumored to corrode metal. Other rumors claim that the worm can spray an acid-like substance over a short distance. This substance, like its venom, is capable of killing instantly. As if that is not enough, the creature is also supposedly capable of emitting a high voltage electrical charge that is also just as deadly.

Myth claims that the worm is attracted to the color yellow. One such Mongolian story tells of a young boy that was playing with a yellow box. While he wasn’t looking, A Mongolian Death Worm crawled inside it. When the boy went to play with the box again, he touched the worm and was killed. The parents found the boy and chased the worm into the desert but they too died from the creature’s venom.

Has Anyone Ever Tried To Find the Mongolian Death Worm?

There have been several authors to discuss the creature. The Czech author Ivan Mackerle talked about the worm in an article in 1991 in Fate Magazine. The British zoologist Karl Shuker referred to the creature in two of his books; The Unexplained and The Beasts That Hide From Man. In 2005, a joint expedition sponsored by the Centre for Fortean Zoology and E-Mongol went out into the Gobi desert to investigate new reports and sightings. Called Operation Death Worm, it was led by cryptozoologist Richard Freeman. Although no concrete evidence was found, after four weeks of interviews and eye witness reports, the team was convinced that the Mongolian Death Worm might actually exist.