Where Can I Find Adult Weight Loss Camps?

Here at AskDeb.com, we often receive emails from our readers asking, “Where can I find adult weight loss camps?” Fortunately, there are a wide array of these weight loss facilities available, whether you’re looking for a boot camp, fat camp or summer weight loss camp.

Patterned after summer camps for children, weight loss camps began to expand and evolve in the 1980s. With obesity and related diseases on the increase in the United States, they are more popular now than ever. Television shows such as The Biggest Loser have also contributed to their popularity.

In past decades, they were commonly known as “fat camps.” In today’s politically correct environment, they are more commonly referred to as weight loss camps or summer weight loss camps.

The camp is intended to teach concepts such as proper diet, exercise and self-discipline. You will learn long-term weight loss techniques, and group counseling is also available to promote a sense of community. Throughout your stay at a weight loss camp, you will be weighed and your progress measured.

Weight Loss Facilities In The United States

These weight loss facilities are available throughout the United States, but that may not be specific enough for those wondering, “Where can I find adult weight loss camps?” The following five adult weight loss camps are highly recommended, although an Internet search will reveal many others.

Camp La Jolla


In operation for over 38 years, Camp La Jolla is a weight loss camp located in La Jolla, California. Programs include: Ladies Fitness Vacation, Pre-Collegiate Girls, Teen Boys, Teen Girls, Preteen Boys and Preteen Girls. A two-year follow-up program is also provided to allow customers to maintain their new, healthier lifestyle.

Camp La Jolla is accredited by the American Camp Association, and they meet over 300 safety requirements. Customers will learn to overcome obstacles, gain self-confidence, experience new activities such as boogie boarding, make friends and, most importantly, lose weight.

Red Mountain Resort & Spa

Located in St. George, Utah, Red Mountain Resort & Spa offers three daily meals, guided hikes in the morning and unlimited fitness classes. Customers to this weight loss camp will stay in deluxe rooms or luxury villa suites, both with high-speed Internet service.

Besides physical activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking and kayaking, customers will also take part in exercises such as fire walking, Tai Chi and meditation hikes. Indoor and outdoor pools are available, as well as strength and cardio equipment, walking trails and bicycles.

Hilton Head Health

Billed as one of the top weight loss spas in the U.S., Hilton Head Health offers a tranquil and beautiful island locale off the coast of South Carolina. An emphasis is placed on creating a healthy environment where the client can lose weight, learn positive long-term strategies and engage in self-reflection.

Selected as one of the Top-5 U.S. Health Spas by The Today Show, Hilton Head Health offers an average weight loss of 7 to 14 pounds for guests staying two weeks. Guests staying three to four weeks lose 15 to 30 pounds. In fact, two years after staying at the spa, 68 percent of guests had maintained or improved upon their weight.

Wellspring Camps

This summer weight loss camp has locations in the United Kingdom, Vancouver, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Texas, California and Florida. Clients at this weight loss camp experience an average loss of 4.25 pounds per week, and 70% of clients maintain or improve on this new weight. Wellspring Camps have been featured on The Today Show, USA Today, CNN, People, the Discovery Channel, Rachael Ray and Dateline NBC.

Live In Fitness Enterprise

Live in Fitness Enterprise (aka L.I.F.E.) is located in beautiful Marina Del Ray, California. Clients stay in luxury apartments, and premium cable and high-speed Internet are available. The weight loss program is tailored to the needs of each client, and the exact intake of fats, proteins and carbs are determined and monitored. Five meals a day are served, with whole foods and organic foods being stressed.

When answering the question, “Where can I find adult weight loss camps,” these five are always the first ones I mention.