Who Is Weight Watchers?

Weight Watchers is a name that has been synonymous losing weight and getting fit for years now. So it should come as no surprise to find out that there are millions of people that swear by this program as a great way to lose weight. A lot of people may wonder where Weight Watchers got its start; so here we’ll have a look at where the company came from and how they are doing nowadays.

September 1961

It was at this date in Queens, NY that Jean Neditch first conceived of what would eventually become Weight Watchers. Jean weighed about 214 pounds and had tried all the fad diets, none of which stuck. As had always happened before, Jean soon discovered that her willpower to stick with her current diet was slipping; she knew that she was not going to stick with this diet. Something had to be done.

So Jean called some friends and admitted to each and every one of them that she was obsessed with cookies. During these conversations, she discovered that all her friends had their own food obsessions. Jean and her friends then organized weekly meetings to talk about their love of food and their various cravings.

Word spread throughout the neighbourhood and before the group knew it membership had grown to 40 people. It was a groundbreaking hit. Two of attendees, Felice and Albert Lippert, commented that she should start holding the meetings in a bigger, commercial location.

From Hobby to Business

A year and a half after Jean and her friends started meeting in her apartment Weight Watchers was professionally born. Jean held the first pro meeting in a loft in New York City. Jean didn’t advertise and had 50 RSVP. Instead of 50 showing up, Jean got 400. Word had gotten out. Jean did the best she could and held meetings for 50 folks at a time.

Jean’s attendees then began opening Weight Watchers franchises the world over. They kept up with modern diet discoveries and implemented a psychologist-designed behavioural aspect to the program, lending them further credibility. They were also one of the first diet programs to add an exercise component in 1978.

Success/Buyout & Weight Watchers Today

In 1978, Jean’s onetime little company was bought by the H.J. Heinz Company, which sent it into the stratosphere. With this parent company, Weight Watchers was able to reach even more folks and eventually grew into the company we know today.

These days, Weight Watchers has a comprehensive plan to suit everyone. Here’s a little look.

  • The Meetings – Just like in the old days, Weight Watchers still has meetings where folks can get together and talk to professionals and each other about weight loss and fitness.
  • Online Service – This Weight Watchers plan is perfect for those dieters that can’t or simply don’t want to get together with other people in person. It manages to do this and still offer the same kind of social support system that Weight Watchers is known for.
  • PointsPlus – This diet program is an integral part of all Weight Watchers plans and lets you track what you eat with points instead of counting calories and the like. All the work is done for you.

Is Weight Watchers for Me?

Only you have the answer to that question, but most have found Weight Watchers fitting after reading a Nutrisystem meal replacement plan review that made them decide against it or had a Medifast promotion that wasn’t for them. Just give it a try!

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Melissa Cameron is a married homemaker with two children. She enjoys spending time with her family, digital photography, and learning about new things. Her latest passion is getting in shape, losing a few pounds, and improving upon the eating habits of her family at the same time.

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