Why Does My Sperm Come Out In Chunks?

This is something that you need to remember: not every man’s sperm is the same. Sometimes the sperm can be watery, thick, yellowish, or, in your case, a bit chunky. Don’t be alarmed because it is nothing that you should need to see a doctor about. It is perfectly normal and easy to rectify. A man’s sperm is largely influenced by what he takes into his body. So why does sperm sometimes appear chunky? Here are a few reasons.


One of the main causes for a chunky appearance in your sperm is dehydration. Your sperm is largely made up of fluids. Lack of water in your body means there are less fluids to go around. If you haven’t been drinking enough water and have become dehydrated, you may see this problem the next time you ejaculate. A way to fix this and see normal sperm again is to drink plenty of fluids.



Your diet is another big contributor to your sperm’s appearance. Diet influences your sperm’s characteristics such as color, taste, and thickness. Too much garlic or too many onions will give your sperm a yellowish color. Too many spices can affect its taste. If you eat a good healthy diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, your sperm will likely have a normal appearance.


What goes into your body affects what comes out of your body. Any drugs or medication can play havoc with your sperm. Besides its thickness, drugs can interfere with how much is ejaculated as well ass how easily. Drugs can hamper ejaculation, making it impossible to reach that peak state.

Not Tapping The Well Enough

If you haven’t ejaculated in awhile, your sperm can thicken. Part of it is due to the proteins turning to gel and part of it is an increase of sperm in your semen. Your testicles produce sperm and when you don’t ‘tap the well’ often enough, the sperm can sort of build up. So if you haven’t ejaculated in awhile, your sperm will probably be thicker (and more of it) when you do. The reverse is true for men who ejaculate often. Your testicles can only produce so much sperm, depending on age and healthy. So if you have frequent ejaculations, your sperm may turn watery and thin.

When To See A Doctor

Sperm that is thick and chunky is nothing to be alarmed about. However, you should see a doctor if your sperm turns a brownish or reddish color. This is a sign that you have blood in your sperm, possibly from some infection. If you should experience pain during ejaculation, either in the penis, testicles, or groin area, you should also seek a doctor.