How to Make Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are fun, inexpensive pieces of jewelry made of beads or string. They are usually very colorful and can be personalized in a variety of ways. Friendship bracelets are appropriate for males and females. They can be worn by people of all ages, but are most commonly seen on the wrists and ankles of kids and teens. They are typically handmade, but they are available pre-made in stores. Most styles can be made in a few hours, though some of the more complicated patterns will take longer.

The most common type of friendship bracelet is made of sewing floss, which is thick string available in a wide variety of colors. When the floss is used for sewing projects, the six strings are separated into pairs to thread the needle. You can use the entire chunk of floss if you are using it for making a bracelet. The more chunks of floss you use the wider the finished bracelet is going to be. Begin by cutting several lengths of floss about a yard long. Each color produces a different colored row on the finished bracelet.

Beginning the Friendship Bracelet

Line the ends of the floss together and tie a knot at the very top. This knot can be used to secure the bracelet while you work. Clip the knot to a stationary object that can withstand tugging while you work. You will be tying the strings together to form rows. The strings should be tied in the order you want the bracelet’s rows in when it is finished. So, say you want a red, white, and blue bracelet. Choose six total chunks of string, two in each of the colors. When you knot the strings, keep the blue, the red, and the white strings each together.

Continuing the red, white, and blue theme, tie the first blue string to the second blue string in a knot. This means you will need to tie it twice. Secure the knot all the way to the gathering of string at the top knot. Next, tie the first blue string to each of the white strings, and then to each of the red strings. At the end of this first pass, you will have a row of blue knots. You will repeat this with the second blue string, finishing with a tying of the two blue strings, giving you a thicker blue line. Next, you will repeat the process with the white strings, creating a white row, and then with the red strings, creating a red row. When you are finished your first section, you will be back in the order where you started, proceeding to create a new blue row. Continue this process until the bracelet is the length you desire.

Finishing Your Friendship Bracelet

When you finish, tie all of the strings in a knot like you did at the start of the project. Cut the excess string from the end and tie the two large knots together to create a circle. You can also use a jewelry clasp which makes it easy to remove the bracelet.  You can also thread the strings with beads to add something special to the bracelet. Simply slip the beads onto the strings as you work to create accents among the knots. The finished bracelet should fit snugly on your wrist or ankle until you are ready to cut it off or unclasp it for repeated wear.