How to Build a Castle

Castles are usually thought of as impractical when it comes to usual living quarters these days. However, there was a time when many people lived in castles because of the security it provided. There are many people who have a fascination with castles and they consider living in one a dream. If you have an interest in the architecture and history of a castle, and you would like to create a home with a castle-like style, you have a number of building options. Homeowners can do everything from building a replica castle from scratch to upgrading an average home with castle-type features.

Design Your Castle

Star by choosing the location of your castle. If you are making alterations to your current home, your location is already set. If you are starting from scratch, you will need to purchase land that is spacious enough for the elaborate building. When choosing land or considering upgrades, make sure you check the local regulations in your area. There are sometimes rules about how creative a home can be and what features are allowed. This is usually more the case in more populated areas.

Before you begin building, take time to design your castle. Most authentic castles feature basic construction techniques, but they might include a number of architectural features. You will want to map these out and have a plan in place. Even those building authentic castles will probably want to make a few minor upgrades. For instance, a traditional castle has only open spaces for windows. Most people would want modern windows to protect against home invasions and climate. However, if you want your castle exactly like historical castles, you will need to choose a safe, isolated, temperate climate.

Begin Building Your Castle

After the plan is in place you can begin building. You will need to lay a foundation on level ground and build up from there. Once you have a solid foundation you can begin to lay the stones for the walls. The stones should be staggered and connected with mortar to create the strongest structure. This also helps create a weather-tight seal. Those unfamiliar with brick or stone-laying should rely on the assistance of a professional mason.

Design the Interior of Your Castle

After the walls are in place, you are free to design the interior of your castle. Though authentic castles had fairly rustic interiors, you can design your interior however you choose. The important thing is to make sure the exterior protects any sort of elaborate upgrades made to the interior. For instance, if you choose hardwood floors for your castle floor, you will need to make sure the roof and walls are weather-tight.

Once the structure is built you can determine what features to include in the landscaping of your castle. Authentic castles had moats, drawbridges, and often, stone walls enclosing the property. If you have the space you can create these features, or you can duplicate the effect with smaller upgrades. For instance, digging a trench around your property and creating a flowing pond is a great practical substitute for a traditional moat.