How to Build a Gazebo

A gazebo is a great addition to a yard or park. It provides a covered area, making it possible to enjoy the outdoors even when it is raining or snowing. Gazebos come in several shapes and sizes. They can be simple and small, or large and elaborate. Gazebos are usually square or hexagonal, constructed from weather-treated lumber, and adorned with lattice or scrollwork. Those interested in building a gazebo can find designs and blueprints online. These are typically free and include instructions about how to build the gazebo. There are also gazebo plans for sale, so depending on the design you have in mind you might want to invest in the blueprint and instructions for your specific gazebo.

Check Building Codes

Before you begin planning and building, check the local building codes in your area. You might need a permit or license to erect a new structure on your property, even if it is a small gazebo. Some neighborhoods do not permit the building of gazebos, so you need to know the regulations in your area before constructing your gazebo.

Using a Kit

It is possible to purchase a pre-built gazebo or gazebo kit. Pre-built gazebos save you time, but will likely cost a great deal more than building your own. Gazebo kits are very economical and save you time, but your design choices are limited. You might not be able to find a size and shape that is suitable for your yard or the amount of space in which you have to place the gazebo. This is why many people choose to design and build a gazebo from scratch.

Purchase Your Building Materials

Once you have chosen the location and found or created an appropriate design, you can purchase the building materials. Remember your gazebo will be exposed to the elements, so you should buy lumber that is pre-treated. This ensures the wood will not rot and your gazebo will remain sturdy for many years to come. Most people choose cedar because it is less expensive, but still sturdy. You will also need nails, screws, lattice, and possibly, paint.

You will want to think about how you plan to use the gazebo before you begin building. Most residential gazebos feature a few chairs and serve as a covered seating area outdoors. Public gazebos rarely feature much furniture, but they get a great deal of foot traffic. In some public locations, gazebos are used for ceremonies and presentations. If there will be a number of people walking on your gazebo, reinforce the stairs and platform to make it safer.

Following the instructions and design plans, begin to construct your gazebo. This will vary from design to design, but most often begin building the platform, then the sides, and then the roof. If you are able to build a sturdy platform, you are likely going to have a well-designed gazebo. Take your time and do not cut corners. Time and cost are an issue, but so is safety. There is no sense creating a shoddy structure when you will eventually have to tear it down and start over. Building a gazebo is a great do it yourself project and it helps you create a pleasant and inviting outdoor space.