How to Build a Pole Barn

A pole barn is a great way to increase the storage on your property. It is also appropriate to house farm animals in a pole barn. The structure is simple and even an inexperienced builder can create the building. You can make your pole barn more elaborate with a little creativity, but building a basic pole barn requires only wood and basic tools. The better the quality of the materials, the sturdier your pole barn will be and the longer it will last.

Choose a Location and Design Your Pole Barn

Once you know where you will put the barn you should create a design. There are pre-designed plans available, but some people like to begin the project from scratch or enhance existing plans. Make sure the plot of land on which you choose to place the barn is an even surface. You also need to make sure there is adequate drainage. Check your local building codes and make sure there are no special licensing requirements for building your barn.

With a location chosen and the plans in place, you can purchase your building materials. Weather-treated lumber works best because you do not have to apply any protective coating. You will also need shovels and other digging equipment, poles, roof trusses, quick-pour concrete, roofing nails, regular nails, a hammer, storm clips, and several sections of tin roof. Buy the best quality lumber you can afford and ask that it be cut to the appropriate dimensions before bringing it home.

Dig the Holes for the Posts

When you are ready to build, start by preparing the ground. Holes for the posts should be dug at a 90 degree angle to keep the structure level. The design plans will be helpful for locating the poles, but make sure you measure several times for accuracy. Once dug, put a stake in the center of the hole and mix the concrete. You will need to fill the hold about six inches with the quick-pour concrete. Those with drainage problems can use gravel instead of concrete in the hole.

The poles should be placed while the concrete is still moist and then braced with stakes to hold them in place until it dries. Secure posts are the most important part of building a sturdy barn, so take your time with this step. Once the frame of the pole barn is completed, you can install the roof. The trusses need support, at least until the roof is completed, so plan ahead of time when installing. Once the roof is complete, each truss offers support to those around it.

Attach the Roof and Raise the Walls of the Pole Barn

Finally, nail the two-by-four wood pieces onto the edges and nail the tin pieces to the roof with your roofing nails. The short sections overlap, so you get a weather-tight seal, but you can also caulk the sections for extra protection. Installing the walls is the final step. The two-by-fours are the support pieces and the plywood creates the barrier between the interior of the barn and the outdoors. Storm clips can be added to increase the strength of the pole barn. Some people paint or decorate their barns, while others leave them plain and rustic.