How to Build a Wine Rack

A wine rack provides a way to store and display your wine collection. Whether you keep a few bottles on hand to enjoy with friends or you are an avid collector of wines from around the world, a wine rack is essential. Determine where you want to store your wine rack and design a rack that fits the space, as well as your personal style. You also need to consider how many bottles you need to store. Some people create several small racks and put different bottles in different rooms of their homes. You can also design a large rack and keep your entire collection in one place.

Building a Basic Box Wine Rack

A basic wine rack can be as simple as a box with compartments. Start your basic wine rack with seven pieces of plywood cut evenly into two by one foot rectangles. This will be the outside of the rack, as well as the two horizontal shelves inside of the rack. Nail the edges of four of the boards together and then connect the fifth piece to the back. This creates a hollow box with an open front. Use wood putty to blend the edges after nailing for a smooth finish. Slide the two remaining plywood pieces into the box to create horizontal shelves. Finally, cut three pieces of plywood the length of the rack and height of the shelves. These will slide into place and sit on each of the horizontal shelves. You can nail them in place at the top and bottom of the rack. This creates compartments the right size for six individual bottles of wine.

Building an Open Wine Rack

It is also possible to create an open rack that is better for displaying bottles. Cut three-inch diameter dowels approximately four inches long. You will need eight three-inch dowels per bottle you want to display. Next, cut one inch dowels into lengths of 12 inches. You will need four of each of these for each bottle. Drill halfway into each end of the three inch dowels. The drilled hole should be just small enough to insert the one inch dowel, creating a tight fit. Work to piece together each of the dowels until you have created several connected hollow “boxes” for wine. These “boxes” will provide support for the bottles at the top and bottom, when bottles are laid on their side for storage. For added reinforcement, put a drop of glue in each hole before inserting the one inch dowels. This type of wine rack is best for three to six bottles of wine so it stays sturdy.

Personalize the Wine Rack

Regardless whether you choose the box rack or the open rack, you can stain or paint the rack when it is completed. Sand the entire rack until it is smooth and apply a coat of sealant. This way your rack is protected, even if a bottle of wine should happen to break and spill on the wood. You can turn a simple rack into something very stylish with the right color paint or stain. Glossier stains offer a high-end look, but are more difficult to maintain. Once you are familiar with building a basic rack, you can create designs that are more elaborate for your entire collection of wine bottles.