How to Measure for Window Blinds

If you’re thinking about changing your window blinds and you’d like to get the same style, i.e. horizontal or vertical, inside or outside mount; only in a different design pattern or shade then you may not need to measure you windows again.

You may opt to take your old window blinds with you to the shop and the store assistants can help you find the right size and design that you want.

However, if this is your first time to put up window blinds or you’d like to change the style from horizontal to vertical and inside mount to outside mount, you will need to take your window measurements anew.

How to Measure for Window Blinds

Before you start measuring your windows, here are a few reminders:

– Use a metal measuring tape only. Do not use any other type of tape measure like plastic as this is a flexible material and may stretch as you measure which will then give you inaccurate measurements.

– Measure the width first and then the height, jotting down your measurements as: W x H.

– Round-off all values to the closest one-eighth of an inch.

– For measuring width: take measurements of the top, center and bottom parts of the window. Of these three, take note of the smallest measurement and use this.

– For measuring height: take measurements of the left, middle and right sides of the window. Take note of the biggest measurement and use this.

– Take measurements of all the windows that you would like to have window blinds installed. No matter how much they closely resemble each other, they may still have differences in their measurements.

A matter of a few centimeters in difference will make a huge impact on the size of your blinds.
Now you’re ready to take your window measurements.

Inside or Outside Mount?

Deciding whether to have inside mount or outside mount window blinds is crucial as this will determine the measurements that you need to take. Measuring for inside mount blinds, you have to take the width of the windows from the inner trim of the window from one side to the opposite.

For the height, you will also need to measure from the inside of the trim all the way to the topmost part of the sill. You will also need to take note of how deep the frame is.

For an inside mount blind, it is recommended that the depth be about an inch and one-half if your blinds for one-inch blinds and two and one-half for two-inch blinds.

For outside mount blinds, if you want those to hang just over the frame, take measurements from the outer edges of each side of the frame.

If you want the blinds to hang well beyond the frame, just measure beyond the frames up to the point where you want the blinds to cover – about an inch up to three is recommended.