How Do You Clean A Glass Shower Door?

No matter how hard you try, you can never keep a glass shower door clean. It’s just like a magnet for all the soap, scum, and calcium deposits that get thrown around in a shower. A glass shower door should look like it is permanently fogged over. Even if the door is frosted glass, you should be able to see partially through it.

So how do you clean a glass shower door? What are some tips you can use to keep it clean? What is the best cleaner? If you are one of those lucky people with the tenacity, you clean your shower door regularly. If you are like most people and maybe clean your shower door once a year, then you need to read this article.

Shower Door Soap Scum

Before you can clean your glass shower door, you need to understand what that stuff is on the door and how it gets there. Yeah, no one really wants to know what it is but you need to know in order to use the proper cleaners.

The majority of the stuff on the glass is shower door soap scum. This is what causes your glass to look like it is constantly fogged. This is not hard to keep clean if you do it regularly but if you only clean every once in awhile, then that scum will really build up and your job becomes that much harder.

Mold and mildew can also collect and grow on a glass shower door. It is just part of a moist environment. You will mostly find the mold growing around the edges, the rubber seals, and the bottom of the doors.

And lastly if you have hard water with a lot of minerals, your glass shower door will eventually accumulate lime and calcium deposits. These are a lot harder to get rid of than any other debris but with the right cleaner, it’s not impossible.

Bathroom Shower Door Cleaners


If you already have a build up of scum and deposits on your glass shower door, you will need to use a bathroom shower door cleaner to remove it. One of the best products for cleaning glass shower doors is Comet Bathroom Cleaner. This is a soft, non-abrasive cleaner that is suitable for metal, vinyl, and glass. You can use this without fear of scratching the glass or removing the finish from the metal. Comet Bathroom Cleaner comes in a spray that you apply to the entire door. The key for it working is to leave it on the glass for fifteen to thirty minutes. This will give it plenty of time to really work its magic. After the product has had time to set in then scrub the glass door with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. It should be mentioned that soap scum comes from the talc in bar soap. If you switch to a liquid soap, then you can minimize the amount of scum build up.

There are some other types of bathroom shower door cleaners you can use but all of them work to some degree or another. Like Comet, you have to let them set on the glass for several minutes to give them enough time to clean. If your door has mold and mildew or lime deposits you will have to get separate cleaners for that. Be careful of lime cleaners because some of them are more abrasive than others and can take off the finish from the metal on the door. Check out the labels and see which ones are suitable for metal.

Once the glass shower door is clean, you need to use the shower to thoroughly rinse off all of the cleaning solutions. Next, take some Windex or other appropriate glass cleaner and spray and wipe down the shower doors. If you want to add some extra protection, you can apply some Turtle Wax to the glass. This will make the water slide off easier and thus make it harder for any residue to stick.

In order to keep your glass shower doors clean, there are some things that you can do help that out. First, mix up in a spray bottle a half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water. After you take a shower, spray the vinegar solution on the glass doors and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then take a squeegee and wipe down the entire door. This will help to reduce any soap scum as well as mold. A plastic squeegee is best because metal could damage a shower. You should clean your shower door once a week to maintain the maximum state of cleanliness and the best shine. It will definitely help save your fingers from all that scrubbing.