What are Some 4th of July Party Ideas?

Want some great 4th of July Party Ideas? Here is a little something for everyone. You can plan a classic 4th of July cocktail party, a family picnic or a romantic red, white and blue getaway for two. No matter how you want to celebrate, there are simple ways to make this 4th the one you remember for the rest of your life.

Have a Classic Fourth

The Aussie’s aren’t the only ones who can lay claim to the barbeque. We Americans have developed quite a flair for it as well. Hamburgers and hotdogs are true American fare you must have at your Classic 4th of July cocktail celebration. Barbeque chicken wings are another favorite on the fourth. Don’t spend too much on decorations at this type of gathering; just get some fun plates, napkins and plastic ware at the local dollar store.

4th of July Cocktails

Nothing makes a back yard barbeque more fun than cocktails. You can have some fun making red, white and blue drinks. Here are some great drink ideas for your party.

Red Drinks


Cosmopolitan (lemon vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice)

Angle (Grand Marnier Rouge, white rum, orange juice, cranberry juice)

White Drinks

Pina Colada (pineapple juice, rum, coconut cream, crushed ice)

White Lady (gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, raw egg white)

Blue Drinks

Electric Martini (Blue Curacao, vodka, sweet & sour mix)

Blue Hawaii (rum, pineapple juice, Blue Curacao)

Red, White and Blue Shots

You can also wow them with a fun little shot glass drink that is red white and blue. As it turns out, schnapps will float on grenadine and Blue Curacao will float on top of the schnapps.  While you can choose any flavor schnapps you prefer, you may be best to go with vanilla. You need one part of each to make this drink. Pour one part grenadine, then slowly add one part vanilla schnapps so they do not mix. Then top it off slowly with one part Blue Curacao. Now you have a red, white and blue shot!

4th of July Family Picnic

A family Fourth of July celebration means clean, fun activities for the kids and smiles all around. Before going out to the fireworks, have a family picnic on the lawn while it is still light outside. Food and fun are the most important aspects in this celebration.

Lay out the picnic on a large blanket, or use a few if you want to spread out. Use patriotic colored blankets if you have them. Get out the kids’ red Flyer wagon to keep all the utensils, plates, and cups until you need them. Use a cooler as a tabletop for food. Place a bucket full of ice and drinks for everyone to enjoy. The idea here is to have everything low to the ground and easily accessible to the kids and parents. This gives everyone a chance to relax on the lawn and enjoy themselves.

You will have the most fun if you prepare foods that are quick and easy. Just steam some hotdogs for the kids and put some blueberries and strawberries on the side. Have red, white and blue ice cream rockets for dessert. Red and blue drinks make the perfect accompaniment. Sit down and eat with the kids and talk about the anticipated fireworks.

After dinner, have some fun with a red white and blue water balloon toss. Get some silly dress-up items like wigs, hats and costume dresses. Let the kids parade their costumes for you.  You can also arrange for a scavenger hunt, preparing a list of patriotic items you have left around the yard that the kids can wear later to the fireworks. Things like Uncle Sam hats and glow sticks make ideal scavenger hunt items for kids on the Fourth of July. You can also let the kids decorate each other with streamers, ribbons and balloons for a ton of giggly fun.

Red, White and Blue Just for Two

Want to celebrate without the kids? Nothing says “I love you” like forgoing public celebrations to spend the 4th of July with your partner. If you can find a secluded place where the fireworks are still visible, that is the ideal setting. If not, you can always make your own romantic fireworks when the two of you have some quiet time to yourselves.

Even in a romantic setting, the celebration should be taken outside. You will at least be able to hear the fireworks in the background, which adds a sense of excitement to the evening. Dress for romance in comfortable, but classy clothing. She may want to wear a simple white or red dress. He may prefer slacks and a blue button down shirt. Take the time to look your best, but be sure you will be comfortable outdoors.

Pull out your best lawn furniture, our go get some older furniture that you can bring out onto the lawn.

Set up an outside room, complete with dining table and chairs, sofa, end tables and lighting. Cover tables with fine linens. Use plastic sliders under the feet of the furniture so the moisture from the ground does not damage them. You can also cover the sofa with a white cotton bed cover. Throw on a few red white and blue pillows for comfort. Use a thick wool blanket or a comforter as a “carpet” so the two of you can lie down and look up at the stars or fireworks after dinner.

Small white Christmas lights provide just the right amount of lighting for a romantic evening. Place red white and blue carnations in a vase at the dinner table. Use pillar candles or another candle centerpiece for the end tables. Bring all the romantic tricks you use indoors to the outdoors for an exciting and romantic hideaway.

One of these 4th of July party ideas is sure to make a memorable holiday for you. Whether you want to kick back with your friends, have some family fun or let someone special know how much you care.