What Bath Accessories Should I Have?

It is truly frustrating when you are in the bathroom and in need of something but you don’t have it. A comfortable bathroom should have all of the necessary features and more. You need things such as towels, hairdryer, shower curtain, shampoos, mirror, and so much more. People who have a new bathroom or recently remodeled bathrooms might be at a loss for what bath accessories they need. The right bath accessory can make an ordinary bathroom really unique. With so many different styles to choose from, you can literally make your bath look like anything from different environments to different cultures. A bath can be simple or extravagant. It is entirely up to you.

No matter how your bathroom is decorated, there are going to be some things you will need. So you need to ask yourself, “What bath accessories should I have?” Here is a list of some things that you just can’t do without.

Bathroom Necessities

When it comes to bathroom necessities, let’s over look the obvious such as a bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet. If you don’t have these things in there, it is not a bathroom. So let’s move on.

One of the most important items you need for any bathroom are towels and wash clothes. You need more than just a couple, especially if there are several people in the home. If not, be prepared to do a lot of laundry. Towels come in every conceivable color and quality and price vary. But towels that are nice and thick are so warm and comfortable.


Hairdryers are another necessity, especially if you have long hair. There are even some professional brands with lots of different settings that you can buy. Besides hairdryers, you may also need a curling iron, flat iron, or other instruments for your hair.

Most baths have some type of flooring such as tile or linoleum that can get very slick when wet. If you want to keep from slipping and putting a hole in your noggin, you need a bath mat, particularly something that has a thick carpet and can keep you feet warm when you step out of the tub.

Many people get dressed while in the bathroom. It is very hard to see how you look without the aid of a mirror. Mirrors are a good way to create style in your bathroom. They come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. You need to make sure that the mirror is big enough to see at least your upper body.

If you only take baths, then, won’t need anything extra. But if you like the occasional shower, you will need a shower curtain. Without it, you are likely to get the floor and everything else wet.

Bathroom Comforts

There are other bathroom comforts that you can get for your bath that may not be necessary but make the bath more practical.

The right décor will really make your bath unique. You can decorate with wallpaper, paint, and different fixtures such as faucets and hardware. You can even add some other decorations such as plants, ornaments, and lights.

If you have a large enough bathroom and you spend a lot of time in there, you could always put a bathroom vanity in there. A vanity is handy because it gives you more room for things such as brushes, cosmetics, hair accessories, and other such stuff. You can use the vanity to get dressed without taking up all the space around the sink.

Most homes these days have central heat and air-conditioning. But in case you want a bathroom to be really warm and comforting, you can always add a heater to it. There are several styles of bathroom heaters. Some are installed in the ceiling and some are placed on the wall. They are wired directly into the wall and operated by a switch.

If you want to create a romantic mood or ambiance, you can always get candles to accessorize your bath. Candles are great for atmosphere. They can turn a normal bath into a dimly-lit spa for relaxing or for a romantic time with your special someone.

No bath would be complete without a luxuriously soft robe. Nothing feels better than wrapping a warm robe around you after a relaxing bath or shower. Sure, it is practical if someone comes knocking on the door but you can’t ignore the comfort level it brings.

Bathroom Storage

Besides things to use in your bath, you need some kind of bathroom storage to hold these things.

Many baths have a linen cabinet or shelves for towels and wash clothes. If your bath does not have anything like this built into it, you can buy anything from a set of shelves to an actual exterior cabinet such as a wardrobe to hold everything.

A bath needs to have someplace to put the used towels and dirty clothes that tend to pile up on the floor. A hamper is the perfect item for this. Most stores with sell bath accessories have several different hampers to choose from. A simple style is a woven hamper that can hold several towels and a change of clothes. Once it is full, you can just pick it up and carry it to the laudry room.

A lot of people store their medicine and hygiene items such as shaving creams and deodorants in a medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinets are often behind mirrors above the sink but there are others that you can hang anywhere.