Who Is Carolina Cottage?

I stumbled across a nifty little importer of furniture I think you should know about.

Carolina Cottage, by Carolina Chair & Table, has been importing furniture to their Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters for many years. They pride themselves on supplying consumers with timeless designs that are functional yet practical. Their furniture is well constructed, offers exceptional value, and they have many styles and colours to choose from

Designed For Families

Each Carolina Cottage piece is designed for families, couples and young professionals to complement the decor of every room of your home, urban loft, historical residence, mountain home, beach cottage and suburban development.

A Wide Selection To Choose From

Among their many products are dining tables and chairs, indoor rocking chairs, stools, buffet, and occasional tables to name just a few. All come in a wide range of colours and styles. If you are looking for nice designs I think you’ll like what they have.  Each style I looked at had clean lines instead of the more decorative pieces seen in many stores today.

Built To Last

The companies stated goal is to manufacture quality furniture that can stand the test of time that comes with busy families today. Although designed for all age groups their main focus developing pieces with appeal to young couples, especially those with children.

I guess it goes without saying that if it’s built to sustain the bumps and bruises inflicted by young children then it will last long enough to be passed along through the generations. So you may want to think of this purchase as an heirloom piece.

Workmanship Is Obvious

The workmanship of the furniture produced by this little Greensboro, North Carolina furniture manufacturer is very obvious once you’ve had a look. I guess the natural beauty of the area inspires their craftsmen to create pieces to that reflect home and family. They only use 100% wood for their products.  Maybe this stems from a history of mountain folk who had little choice but to use what was available in the environment.

Eco Friendly Too

Today many companies are doing their part for the environment.  Carolina Cottage is aware of their impact on the earth and use methods that will help to preserve the heritage for their children, and grandchildren. As they continue to learn new Eco-friendly techniques their focus is still on great craftsmanship at an affordable price.

If you want to purchase furniture that will last you a lifetime then these people at Carolina Cottage deserve your attention.  If I were you I’d take a close look at what they offer.