Who Is Dutailier Gliders?

What a gorgeous piece of furniture this is!  Ever heard of a Dutailier Glider?  Well I just found a company online that offers free shipping on this beautiful Glider with Open Base and Ottoman.

Dutailier seems to know what producing quality is all about.

These wooden rocking chairs showcase a combination of design, comfort, and practicality.  You could also say this ottoman and glider combo provides the appeal and sophistication that is hard to find these days.

The Dutailier glider’s ergonomically constructed frame will pamper you.  This stunningly stylish and comfortable glider will provide the ultimate sitting experience, letting you to kick back, relax, and glide your tensions away.

The Ultimate Sitting Experience

Some might say they provide the “Ultimate sitting experience”.   That is a bold statement, I know.  But to my eye they are more than simply gliders. I have found that all of the Dutailier gliders contain many features that say, yes, we are committed to providing you with maximum comfort.

Take the Dutailier’s Juvenile Glider with Open Base and Ottoman, for instance.  It does not rely solely on its smooth gliding action. No, this glider also features reclining, swiveling, and multi-positional locking options.

Support For Tight Joints

No matter if this glider is reclining on an angle or swiveling on a 360-degree axis, your comfort is guaranteed.  But we cannot forget to mention the chair’s impressive design. The Juvenile glider’s frame was constructed with your body shape in mind. For instance, the glider’s ergonomic design and high compression level foam will add comfort and support to those high-tension pressure points, such as the lower back and neck.

Yes, because of the Juvenile Glider’s superior lumbar support and all of those customizable options, there can be little doubt that the Dutailier Juvenile Glider does provide the “ultimate” design for supporting the whole body.

Customizable Design

But one needs to ask, does all of this talk about comfort may mean the Dutailier 211 Juvenile Glider  offers little in the way of good design?  From my perspective, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the Dutailier’s line of rocking chair gliders make stylish fit for just about any room in the house.  Do you need a nice leather chair for the living room or den?   Then any number of these chairs  would make a great a choice.

And if you are looking for an inviting and friendly fabric choice, then you you won’t be disappointed either.  In fact one model that comes to mind is the The Juvenile Glider, which is available seventy-eight different fabric options. If you check out this glider you are sure to find one that reflects your style and taste. So,  check out the Dutailier 211 Juvenile Glider. It could be the perfect choice.

About the Author:

Melissa Cameron enjoys scrap-booking and writing.  She is a full-time freelance writer who researches online while alternating between two of her favorite rocking chairs. Working online allows her to work at home and be close to her family.  She loves to learn new things to write about interesting products, so much so that her husband calls her a “Walking Infomercial”.