How Can You Get Paid for Driving Your Car?

How can you get paid for driving your car?

The phrase “get paid for driving your car” has been at the top of search term rankings for a few weeks now — what do these people know that you don’t?

There has been a lot of buzz around this concept lately — and for good reason. With the economy in a slump, tons of people in unemployment lines, and gas prices stuck solid between $2.50 and $3 bucks, all of us are looking for ways to keep afloat. The solution for some? Turn your car into a billboard.

That’s right — companies will pay you to slap their ad on your car. Makes sense for the company advertising — your car creates lots of marketing opportunities every day, opportunities that most other ads miss out on.

Known as “free car” or “get paid to drive” promotions, these programs will put money in your pocket in exchange for space on your vehicle’s exterior. Though “get paid to drive” promotions are less plentiful these days (after a peak in the 90s and early 2000s), you can still find people interested in a few square inches of your chassis. You have to know where to look (don’t worry, I’ll get you started) and what kind of driver and car the companies are looking for.

The basic idea behind the old “get paid to drive” concept is this — a company seeks regular people like you and me to go about their normal car routine, featuring a big ad plastered to the side of the vehicle. Don’t expect your car to look the same — some of these ads are more like a wrapper for your entire car, covering most of the car’s surface. After all, it is in the advertiser’s best interest to get the most bang for their buck.

The car’s owner is paid what is considered “rental” for the car’s exterior — this payment is usually between five and nine hundred bucks a month, for a limited amount of time, usually 6 months or so.

In the past there was a popular program similar to this called the “free car” promotion. That meant the ad company giving the driver an all new, pre advertised car. The drivers of these free cars didn’t get paid — the use of the car was their payment. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t make economic sense for car companies, and would certainly get you laughed out of the room at the board meeting of any of the big three carmakers.

There are many important criteria that these companies use to look for drivers for their program. They look at a driver’s criminal background, driving record, employment history, and a few other factors before scheduling a personal interview. Drivers must also have a certain amount of auto insurance coverage. Other factors that may influence a company’s decision to pay you to drive — the use of personality assessment tools and a requirement that stipulates a driver must take certain defensive driving courses. Hey — no one said that just under $1,000 a month came easy.

Interested drivers can check out these opportunities at the websites listed below. Remember that different companies will pay different amounts — not every driver is going to earn $900 a month. Still, it is a small price to pay for what could be the cost of a car note.