How Do I Use The Internet To Run A Criminal Background Check?

These days, a criminal background check is a requirement for many jobs. It is important to know the people that you are dealing with before giving them access to you and others in any office or place of employment. If it turns out that someone has an extensive criminal record, you need to know this in order to protect yourself and your interests. If anyone were to conduct criminal activities using your property, you could be financially and legally liable. Even if someone is honest and upfront about having a criminal record, it is always a good idea to double check.

Years ago, the only way to run a criminal check was to contact the state and county that the person resides in and look up any records on the person. Another way was to have access to a state or nation-wide database like police and FBI use and do a search. However, with today’s technology and wide-spread system of communications, you can use the Internet to run a criminal background check. If you have never had to do a background check before you may wonder “how do I use the Internet to run a criminal background check”? The answer is there are many site that offer free background checks for various things such as driving records, credit history, and criminal records.

Why Do You Need To Run A Background Check

There are many reasons why you would want to run an online background check. You need to know if someone has a criminal record if you are going to hire them for the workplace, childcare, government jobs, neighborhood watches, and personal interest.


Workplace – If you are an employer considering hiring a potential new employee, you need to know if that person has a history of violence in the workplace. A violent outburst in the office can be devastating to everyone and you could end up with a lot of people hurt. Another reason to be careful about who you hire is that you don’t want that person carrying on any illegal activities while at work or by sing any of the businesses property. Negligent hiring procedures can leave your company liable for damages caused by the individual with the record.

Childcare – Whether it is a daycare or a private nanny, you need to check their background and make sure the person is not a danger to children. Any convictions of child molestation or sex offenses will be on their record.

Government Jobs – All government job applicants, either for state or federal positions, must go through a background check. Government contractor in particular must screen all applicants. They do not want anyone with felony convictions because they do not want to jeopardize national security.

Neighborhood Watches – Neighborhood watch groups are particular about keeping their neighborhoods safe from criminal activities. Many of these groups will run a criminal background check on new members to the neighborhood in order to protect the safety of the other members.

Personal InterestsOnline dating is very popular. Millions of people every day email and chat with other people to establish a relationship. Most online dating sites claim to run a background check but the truth is, you can never be sure who it is you are really talking to, if the person is genuine or it is all an act. Online predators are common and prey on the unwary. Doing a criminal background check is just a safe way to ensure your own protection against internet dating scams.

What You Need In Order To Run A Criminal Background Check

To run a criminal background check using the Internet, you need a couple of things. Naturally, you need to know the person’s name (although their full name would be better). You also need to know their social security number, their age, birth date, and the state and county that they reside in. Sometimes you may not know their social security number or date of birth but just knowing their name, age, race, and state and county residence might be enough.

Where Can You Look Online To Run A Criminal Background Check

There are many sites online where you can run a criminal background check. One of the easiest is to do a Google or Yahoo search using the person’s name and just see what comes up. Chances are you won’t find anything really useful but since it is free, it is always worth a shot.

There are many sites where you pay a membership fee to be able to use their databases. Most of these sites are fairly current in their records and the membership fee is usually fairly cheap. However, there are some websites that cater to large businesses that charge more for their services. There are also some free sites that do not charge anything. All you do is enter the person’s name, age, and state where they live and you can get results in just a few minutes. Some of these free sites may not have the most current records but it won’t cost you anything.

One site that is of immense value is the National Sex Offender Registry which is linked to the Department of Justice webpage. This database lists all convicted sex offenders within the United States. This list can be easily viewed online and is invaluable to employers, neighborhood watches, and people seeking to hire someone for childcare.

If you want to find a site to do a criminal background check, just do an online search and look up the site that seems right for your needs.