How Much Does High Speed Internet Cost?

These days, high speed internet doesn’t cost that much. You can find a good high speed internet hookup for a cost of $10 a month.

This might not be the highest-performing internet service provider on the market, but you won’t notice much of a difference in your internet speed. But just because you can get a high speed internet provider for $10 a month, you might not be satisfied with this service. That’s because even “high speed internet” comes at different speeds. That speed is measured in “megabits per second” or “mbps”, which is how much information the system can handle in a second time.

Cable Companies High Speed Internet Cost

Most cable companies also offer their own high speed wireless routers, so you can pay your internet service bill right along with your cable service bill (assuming you don’t have a satellite dish). Even if you have the option of using your cable internet hookup, I would suggest you look at other options, at the very least.

Generally, cable companies will charge upwards of $30 for their standard version of high speed internet service, which handles somewhere in the 3 mbps or 4 mbps range. That’s what the average internet user needs, or what they think they need. Actually, people who seldom download, don’t watch internet videos and don’t play online games probably don’t need that speed of internet service. But since it’s easier to be billed on your phone bill or cable bill than to pay an extra bill every month, many internet users purchase their internet service in that way.

Cable companies and other such internet service providers depend on peoples’ apathy to the price you charge them, assuming the price of your internet will be submerged in the larger price for your cable television connection. But if cable charges $30 and an established internet service provider charges closer to $15 or $20, there’s no reason to stick with the cable company, because they aren’t likely to offer better services. This is moot, if you have a satellite dish, of course.

Broadband Internet Costs


Here is a rough estimate of what broadband internet might cost. This shows that when you ask “how much does broadband internet cost”, the answer is a little elusive. All of the following are considered “high speed dsl internet”.

You’ll be able to find better deals if you search. (For instance, I know of someone who gets 16 mbps for somewhere between $55 and $65.) You might already have a better deal if you’re lucky. There are a lot of people who are getting stiffed on their high speed internet cost. So just think of this as a rough estimate to go on, and not the end-all for high speed internet costs.

  • 1 mbps (megabits per second) – $10 or $15
  • 4 mbps – $30
  • 6 mpbs – $45
  • 12 mpbs – $75 per month

Who Needs High Speed Internet?

Those who download streaming videos or who play competitive online gaming like MMORPG gaming need a high-speed connection on the faster end of the spectrum. Those who use the internet the standard amount of time, checking their email, surfing the web, downloading the occasional pdf and watching a few Youtube videos every once in a while, you don’t need more than 3 or 4 mbps. This will cost significantly less — probably around $30.

Internet Service Costs and Email

In the old days, your primary email service came with your internet provider’s online service, and it was important to know how much storage capacity your Internet service provider offered. With services like Gmail these days, someone with Gmail really has no need to use their provider’s internet service, as long as they are on a high speed connection. (Gmail can be slow to load for dial-up computers, but we’re talking about high speed internet here.)

With that in mind, we mainly can worry about the cost of your high speed internet. Why don’t we compare high speed internet service providers to your default online service company: your local cable company. You may be surprised at which is the cheap internet service provider.

High Speed Internet Billed On Your Phone

Like I mentioned earlier, the average high speed internet bill is around $30. I know people who spend $14.95 or $19.95 a month on AT&T high speed DSL that is perfectly good for their internet needs. On the other hand, you can get Verizon high speed DSL at 54 mbps for $20. Unfortunately, these good rates depend on where you live in the country and when you signed up for your dsl or highspeed connections.