How Much Is My Website Worth?

How Much Is My Website Worth?

Website values are determined by a number of factors, so you need to know certain facts and figures about your site before you know how much your website is worth. Most calculations come down to two main factors, though: traffic to your site and the topic your website is about.

Website Traffic

Traffic is generally measured in the amount of unique visitors your get to your web address in a given time, usually a day, a month, or a year. “Unique visitor” means a person from a different IP address.

If you have 100 page views, it’s considered better value to get 100 views from 100 different people, instead of 100 views from one obsessed visitor. That’s because 100 people represent a larger client base or customer base for however someone might monetize the site.

How Much Is My Website Worth?

Traffic is driven by how often a person’s site shows up in a popular search engine, or how highly ranked search engines place your site on words and phrases important to the topic discussed on your site.

A webmaster with a blog or static site devoted to Jessica Alba should hope to rank well in the search engines for phrases like “Jessica Alba”, “Jessica Alba movies”, “Jessica Alba films”, “Jessica Alba pictures”, “Jessica Alba pics”, and so on. Being one of the first people to come up when people search for these phrases drives traffic to your site, which increases its value.

Website Topics

Second, your topic has to be profitable, or potentially profitable, for your website to have value. You can rank really high for topics like “free online games”, “free movie downloads”, “torrents”, or even “freerolls”, and your site might not be worth much. For instance, people searching for “Jessica Alba pics” probably just want to look at pictures of the famous actress, and aren’t likely to buy anything.

Someone searching for “Jessica Alba movies” is more likely to be searching for something to buy, though they might be looking for biographical information or torrents of her films.

So when deciding whether your website is worth anything, you’ll need to figure out what anyone could do to make money out of that website. Certain people find good sites that aren’t monetized very well and buy them as investments, as they might find a house that needs fixing up, or a business that needs to be streamlined. You can make money off a site with Google Adsense or as an affiliate of some larger company, if you can drive traffic with the high volume of your new readers.

Most Valuable Websites

Obviously, the most profitable websites (besides mega-companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, or Amazon) are those geared to selling goods or services. Websites which tout web hosting, Internet service providers, pharmecueticals, cable satellite, telecommunications, ringtones, legal services, travel like hotel rooms or cruises, music downloads, casinos and gambling, and software are all natural money-makers, though this is only a partial list of valuable types of websites.

With Google adsense, almost any good website is going to have some value, though some are better than others.

Notice I mentioned “good website”. Remember that the reason people go online and look things up is to find information. This is the Information Age, and computers are information technology. When someone puts a few words into a search engine, they are seeking specific information which pertains to those words. So the more informative your website is–essentially the better you meet the expectations of your readers–the more your website will be worth.

Website Worth Calculator

If you want a quick one-stop estimate of the value of your website, you can go to Website Worth Calculator and place the URL address of your site into the calculator. This instantly puts out a series of figures that help you determine your website’s value.

Among the criteria used to determine the value of a website includes the “Alexa Rank’, the Google Page Rank, the unique visitors per month, and the pages/visits of the website.

Note that the Website Worth Calculator only provides estimates on the domain name, according to the information available. This does not provide the full value of the company behind the site, and may not reflect all the information that might go into determining value. Also, you’ll find that it won’t provide information on certain url addresses. To get an accurate estimate, you should learn to figure out how much your website is worth, or give your site’s details to an expert and have them estimate its value.

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