How to Find Cheap T1 Internet Services?

Finding cheap T1 internet service is a heck of a lot easier than finding quotes on T3 internet services. Just about any individual who uses high speed internet connections use a T1 set-up. T3 internet connections are usually used by large corporations, universities and organizations to service large numbers of computer users. So there are more T1 internet service providers out there, and it’s a whole lot easier to switch from a provider which isn’t living up to its promises.

Guide To Cheap T1 Internet Service

I’ve tried to find quotes for some of the biggest internet service providers in the American online industry. You might find companies which offer better internet service rates, but this gives you an idea of what standard rates look like. Some give better deals than other, which is the purpose of this comparison. Shop and choose the T1 internet services in the more obscure corners of the internet if you want, but I don’t want to give bad advice on a little-known ISP.

Large T1 Internet Service Providers

NetZero offers a $4.95 startup rate for the first 3 months. This means you can check out NetZero’s T1 internet service for three months at a crazy low rate. There will be an automatic rollover once that 3 months is over, so remember to cancel the service if you don’t like it, for some reason. Otherwise, you get charged every month, no matter whether you use the online service or not.

Also, AOL’s prices might not be as low as the quoted $9.95 price. Depending on your circumstances, your bill might be upwards of $25. So don’t naturally assume that AOL has the cheapest T1 internet services of the companies on this list.

T1 ISP AOL EarthLink PeoplePC MSN NetZero
Per Month Price $9.95 $21.95 $10.95 $21.95 $9.95 or $14.95
Email Storage Unlimited 100 MB 100 MB 2,000 MB 1,000 MB

PeoplePC Warning


Finally, I’m glad that People PC is on this list. This company was running a scam several years ago that I got caught up in, and they kept charging my credit card for months after I stopped using their service. Let me explain.

Back in the late-1990’s, I signed up for internet service with a Houston-based company named EV1 or Everyones Internet. They offered (dial-up) internet service for $10 a month, and I used their service for years. I was always satisfied with EV1, though their email capacity was a little limited for my tastes.

Eventually, I got high-speed wireless internet service and ended up switching service providers in the change-over. In the meantime, EV1 underwent their own changeover. EV1 sold its ISP services to PeoplePC, which I didn’t know at the time. Assuming I was still dealing with the same company I signed up with, I cancelled my services.

Months go by and I realized that EV1/PeoplePC was still charging my credit card. I called and talked to their people, but they gave me the run-around. Eventually, they told me they would discontinue my account. Another month passed, and they were still charging my credit card. When I called again, their support staff got surly with me and point blank refused to stop charging me. My credit card company had to eventually take up the issue with them, to keep People PC from charging me $10 every month — for no service at all. They charged me for 7 months without any internet service, or bilked me for $70 — however you want to look at it.

Anyway, that was several years ago. Maybe PeoplePC has their act together now. At the time, you could look them up online and see that I was not the only person this had happened to. Maybe their reputation got so bad that it hurt their business. Or maybe they still use the same business practices. Either way, I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone use their T1 internet service; in fact, I would recommend you don’t. Enjoy your $70, you jerks.

How To Find Cheap T1 Internet Services Online

Since you’re online searching for cheap T1 or Ds1 internet services, let me suggest you look around for the cheapest prices. You’ll be able to find good prices for around $10 a month from big name, established companies. You can probably find a smaller company which gives lower prices. Shop around. Cancel a service if it’s not to your liking. The prices are low enough and the change-over is small enough that you can use trial-and-error.

Just watch out for the company that gives you hassles when you try to cancel your t1 internet service. You might consider getting a Visa gift card or American Express gift card when trying out a new internet service provider. You can buy these cards for $25 or $50 amounts. If a company decides they are going to charge your credit card automatically, you can have the last laugh by giving them a card they can only charge you $25. Once you realize they won’t scam you, you can switch to your permanent card. That might be a little more hassle in itself — switching to a new credit or debit card — but it’s less trouble than fighting a company’s complaints department, or calling your credit card company to cancel services yourself.