How to Find Cheap T3 Internet Services?

Finding cheap T3 internet services can be a real hassle, because there seem to be a million online T3 service providers and it’s hard to tell which ones are better than others. In fact, you have to sift through a lot of sales pitches for T3 or Ds3 connections, and a large number make it difficult to ever get a quote price. So hopefully I can help you sift through the landfill full of T3 internet service providers on the internet and help you find a cheap provider that’s good for you.

We might start, though, with what the heck a T3 internet service provider is and how it differs from T1 internet service.

What is T3 Internet Service?

“T3” is largely synonymous with “Ds3”, “T-CXR” and “T-carrier”. A T-carrier is the generic term for multiplexed telecommunications carrier systems. Multiplexing or muxing refers to multiple digital date streams or analog message signals which are shared over a single medium.

T3 Internet service generally is used by large corporation who need more bandwidth, more connections and more flexibility than your standard T1 high speed connection, which is what most individuals use. A T3 connection has 28 times the bandwidth of a single T1

T3 connections are sometimes referred to as “dedicated private t3 circuits” or simply “DS-3” connections. Because of its biggest bandwidth, T3 connections are quicker than standard T1 connections. Anyone who needs multiple computers networked or needs to serve a large number of computer terminals is going to purchase a T3 connection. Not only do large companies use t3 services, but organizations of all sorts, including larger universities, will buy T3 service. Depending on the internet needs of the corporation or organization, T3 services can cost thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year.

Often, though, the price for a month of T3 connective service is $2,000. Of course, if you’re reading this page, you’re not looking for average prices, but cheap T3 connections.

How To Find Cheap T3 Internet Services Online


The best place is to look online, since this offers the best chance of research. You’ll notice dozens of T1 service and T3 service providers who promise the least expensive services. It becomes quite difficult to figure out which ones really are the bargain high speed internet providers and which ones are the inferior products and scam artists. But even before you jump ahead to buy cheap internet service, let’s cover one or two other factors to consider.

Keep in mind that you have to buy a lot of hardware before you ever get T3 service. Besides the computers, keyboards and monitors, you’ll need special equipment to network your computers with the T3 connectors. You can sometimes find T3 equipment on wholesale on the internet, so I would Google something like “t3 connection equipment wholesale” to find the best deals on T3 equipment. If that doesn’t work, use words like “cheap”, “cheapest”, “inexpensive” and “sale” in the place of “wholesale”.

You might look at a website like, where people can place links to good deals on T3 services. These are obviously self-serving offers and you’ll have to fight through some lousy offers to find the good t3 services. The key word is “research”. Don’t believe just one review of an internet service provider.

Stay away from internet service providers who don’t quote a price up front. In my experience, if companies won’t be up-front with you, they probably have something to hide. If you can’t find a price quote within two links of their site’s homepage, move on to the next T3 internet service provider. There are plenty to choose from, so don’t waste your time on a t3 online service provider who gives you the run-around.

Cheap T3 Internet Service Companies

Here’s a short list of cheap t3 internet service companies who offer prices without a big hassle. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are trustworthy, but they are straightforward.

  • – Starts at $3,000 a month
  • – Starts at $6,000 a month ($1,000 to deliver service) – This company also does installations to make your company compatible with T3 internet.
  • – Fractional DS3 services range from $5,809.40 (3 years for 3M x 3M) to $8,456.04 (2 years for 42Mbps x 42 Mbps).
  • – $359 a month for full 1.5 MB T1 line.
  • – Burstable Ds3 starting at $99 per month – $2,800 for full port.

Note that “burstable” is a smaller line with the flexibility to be expanded as your business grows. So burstable is usually for smaller businesses which expect to grow into a full T3 connection.

So if you ask me how to find cheap T3 internet services, I’ll say it’s not an easy process. Every business has different internet needs and you’ll need to tailor your internet expenses for your online reality. For those looking for smaller business solutions, a company like Real Linx gets you into Ds3 for service for $99 a month, with the possibility of expansion later. I feel for you, if your job is to find cheap T3 internet service.