How to Get Internet on Your Phone?

If you find yourself in an area that doesn’t support a standard Internet connection, it’s helpful to know how to get Internet on your phone (which is different from an internet phone). This technological innovation (also known as “cellular broadband”) allows Internet service via a normal cell phone network, and it’s currently offered by carriers such as Alltel Wireless Internet, Sprint Mobile Broadband, Verizon Broadband Access and AT&T Laptop Connect.

The available service areas are also growing. Sprint Mobile broadband, for example, was offered in over 200 towns as of this writing. Expect those number to increase dramatically over the next several years.

Prices have fallen thanks to steady competition among these carriers. While initial prices were somewhat steep, broadband junkies can now access the Internet on their cell phone for as little as $50 per month. Fortunately, those prices should continue to drop as more and more competitors enter the marketplace.

If you want to know how to get Internet on your phone, just take a look at the following tips. They should provide a basic idea of how cellular broadband works and its advantages for the consumer.

Select a Cellular Broadband Carrier

When choosing a cellular broadband carrier, you should find out which ones offer service in your area. Next, it’s a good idea to learn what upload and download speeds to expect from each carrier.

In almost all cases, the company website will provide maps of their coverage areas. Just log on, find your geographical location, and you should have your answer in no time.

Necessary Hardware


If you want to add cellular broadband, you’ll need to consider three pieces of technology:

  • Broadband-compatible cell phone or PDA. (if you want to have a broadband cell phone connection, you’re going to need a phone which can support these functions)
  • Internal PC card for your computer (many newer models come with this installed)
  • PC card which plugs into your computer’s PCMCIA slot. (these cards may be offered for free by your cell phone carrier if you sign a contract, but let the buyer beware. These free cards aren’t always of the highest quality, and users have reported problems such as lost signals, slow download speeds, and ever their cell phones completely locking up. Before taking the free PC card, you’ll need to take these possible problems into consideration)

Broadband Boosters

Before you shell out a lot of money for that PC card, you might also try a less expensive cellular broadband booster. These can take the form of an antennae, or they might be as simple as a sheet of metal which slides under your phone’s battery.

The expected boost in signal strength usually depends on the length of the antenna. Phones with the foil option usually experience only a minimal increase.

When making the purchase, also be sure that the booster’s antenna cable is compatible with the maker of your PC card and phone. With multiple companies now offering such products, many cables come with multi-pronged adapters for the customer’s convenience.

Mobile Broadband Summary

Still wondering how to get broadband Internet on your mobile phone? It’s simple, really. Just make sure to purchase the necessary equipment, select a carrier, and then install any needed software or components. After that, you’ll be able to access the Internet anytime you want, and your carrier will bill you on a monthly basis.