Online Data Entry Companies

Online data entry is work people can do from their home computer, working for companies who need cheap staff for additional tasking, and in which you keep in touch with your supervisor by email or instant message.

Data entry” is administrative and secretarial work which piles up around the office of many businesses, the kind of tedious work that is often the last item on the list of “things to get done”.

When these electronic bureaucratic paperwork piles up to a point where it begins to hurt the efficiency of the business in question, companies tend to hire outsiders for online data entry.

These tasks can be done from your home as well as they can from the home office, so in the information age, small businesses and big firms alike choose to pay people a small fee (by their standards) to enter that information into their systems from home.

Online Data Entry Companies

What they need are people who are reliable, who are self-starters and who don’t need constant supervision, and who have good skills of concentration and perhaps an eye for details. The problem is, these are tasks that are important to the everyday conduct of this company’s business arrangements, so they are putting a lot of trust into an unknown person on the Internet. That’s where online data entry companies come into the picture.

Internet Data Entry Companies

Instead of a lone business trying to find people to input data electronically, they hire an outside firm which specializes in the field to do that for them. Once again, corporations pay what is for them a nominal fee, and another company searches through their network of data entry specialists to find the right person for the job. As someone works for this online data entry firm over the weeks and months, that person gets a reputation with the data entry company, and they get assignments (or don’t) based on their work history.

In other words, online data entry positions are just like any other job you’ve ever had, except it’s performed online from the confines of your own home.

Someone taking care of kids at the house can make a little extra money to pay for rent or diapers. A student has a job with a flexible work schedule around their busy college life, but which still pays for tuition and books. Anyone who is thrown out of work by the economy can find a job that pays the bills, so long as they have a good work ethic and good character.

Even if you have job already, but you need to take a second job to get out of credit card debt or pay off a loan, online data entry positions are a good, open-ended job opportunity for someone who doesn’t want to wait tables at night. And for those who find the flexible schedule suits their lifestyle and who both enjoy online data entry and are good at it, this can become a career.

Freelance Online Data Entry Positions

Below are a few online data entry companies who hire freelancers for electronic data entry positions. These are just a few of countless such operations, because firms and businesses around the globe are searching for people to handle their glut of information.

Is It Too Technical for Me?

“Online data entry” is such a wide-ranging term, it’s hard to pigeon-hole the field. For the average person, you’ll find that some data entry jobs require technical expertise that is outside your range of skills. Many of them are simply inputting names and other personal information into a database, and anyone with a work ethic can perform the job. The upshot is this: no matter what your skills or education, if you can spell, if you have good work habits, and if you can be trusted, then you can find work in an online data entry position.

Is Online Data Entry Legitimate?

You’ll notice that so many online data entry companies start their website pitch with the term “legitimate work”. It’s just me (I’m just a skeptic), but when I see that, I automatically get suspicious.

The fact is, though, there are a lot of companies in the world that would rather pay you to handle what they consider tedium to do what amounts to administrative assistant or secretarial work. They don’t want to pay benefits, have extra office space, and an extra parking spot, for someone else in their office, work center, or headquarters. So they hire an online data entry company to bird-dog people who can do the job for them. That means there’s a huge legitimate market for people wanting jobs inputting Internet data entry.

If you are concerned, type into the Google search bar the name of the company you’re applying with (or their homepage url) and the word “scam”, and see what comes up. You’ll know pretty quickly whether this is a legitimate site or not. In fact, I’d recommend you try that with any company, those listed here (besides “Elance“) or those you find on your own. The fact is, there are legitimate online data entry companies looking for people like you to fill positions, so you should never be without a job when you can log-on and find an online data entry job in no time.

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