What Are Resume Blank Forms? Where to Get Free Sample Resumes

What Are Resume Blank Forms? Where to Get Free Sample Resumes

Resume blank forms are like “free sample” resumes with the information blanked out so you can insert your own.It takes almost no time at all to put together a resume from a blank form — and sample resumes available for perusal online can help you figure out how to present your work experience and job skills in such a way that it attracts attention from employers. (See How to Write an Effective IT Resume for more information.)

Why Do I Need a Resume?

Pretty much every job out there will require you to put one together. You usually have to turn one in before you’re even granted a job interview. Its purpose is to allow your future employer to see your various accomplishments, education, and work experience in very little time, and without asking too many questions.

A well-written resume is important — it may be the main way your skills are communicated to potential employers.

Different Types

Depending on the job you’re going for, or your own skill set or personal taste, you may want to go with one of any number of “specialized” resumes. Here are three of the most popular types of resumes for basic business applications.


Resume Blank Forms - Free Sample Resumes

This is the most common type. Chronological resumes are best for people seeking entry-level work, or for people who have few jobs or have worked one job for a long time. All you need to put together a chronological resume is your work history — resume blank forms for chronological resumes help you do the rest.


When it comes time to switch fields, or to cover up the fact that you have a long period without work, the functional resume is best. For job seekers who want to highlight qualification and experience but keep their lack of work history a secret, functional resumes are key.


The combination resume is just what it sounds like — a combination of functional and chronological resumes meant to highlight your work experience, qualifications, volunteer work, and education.

Where Can I Find Free Sample Resumes?

Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money for a resume blank form, or use the plain versions available for free on Microsoft Word. Here are three good sources for resume blank forms.

College Grad

College Grad may be better known for their information on colleges around the country, but their blank resume forms are excellent, even if they are generally geared more to college applications than jobs.

Visual CV

Visual CV wants you to include videos, photos, links, and any other flashy item you want to your CV. They also have blank forms available to practice your hand at writing a CV.

Resume Templates

The free resume templates here are little more than plain sample “fill in the blank” resumes that you can find anywhere online. Still, their samples look better (and are more functional) than most others online.

Preparing a good resume is a lifelong pursuit — your first one right out of high school will be pretty small compared to the amount of material your resume will show by the end of your life. Still, using free resume blank forms to get your resume started is the best way to increase the likelihood that you’ll get hired after your next job interview.