What Internet Packages Are Available?

As the Internet continues to grow, subscribers are constantly asking the question, “What Internet packages are available?”. It’s a simple enough question, but the answer can be quite overwhelming considering the amount of available packages and bundles.

When selecting an Internet package, you should always be aware of the services offered and the monthly cost. Many broadband providers will want you to sign a 12-month contract. While you can avoid this, you’ll end up paying more for a shorter term of service.

What Is An Internet Package?

In order to know what Internet packages are available, it first helps to know what an Internet package is. Basically, an Internet package offers Internet service and other options such as cell phone or cable service. Sold together, these Internet packages have also come to be known as “Internet bundles” or simply “bundles.”

Types Of Internet Connections

Before we look at some of the available packages, let’s review the various types of Internet connections. Remember, not all types of Internet connection will be available in all areas.

  • Dial-up – The cheapest type of Internet connection, dial-up uses your phone line to connect to the Internet. It’s the slowest kind of connection, and you won’t be able to make or receive phone calls while surfing the Internet.
  • DSL Broadband – Faster than dial-up, DSL delivers broadband service over your phone line without interrupting your regular telephone service. Downloading information can be done more quickly than uploading, so this service can also be called ADSL Broadband.
  • Symmetric Broadband – Information is uploaded at the same speed that it’s downloaded. You’ll need an extra phone line for this type of service.
  • Cable Broadband – If you can receive cable television, you can also get cable broadband. This service uses cable to deliver a broadband signal to your PC. Just as quick as a DSL connection.
  • Satellite Broadband – A satellite receiver catches signals from an orbital satellite and transmits them to your computer. Very fast speeds, although severe weather can disrupt the service. An ISDN line provides an even higher rate for downloading and uploading.
  • Wireless Broadband – An antenna is installed in order for the client to receive signals from a tower. The client must have a clear line of sight to the tower.

Available Internet Packages


Now it’s time to take a quick look at what Internet packages are available. This is a basic overview of available Internet packages. For greater information, visit the company’s website or one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Charter Bundle (contains Charter cable TV, Charter high-speed Internet and Charter Telephone)
  • Time Warner Cable (contains Time Warner Cable digital cable, Road Runner high-speed Internet and Time Warner Cable digital phone)
  • Comcast Triple Play (includes Comcast high-speed Internet, Comcast digital cable and Comcast digital voice)
  • AT&T Bundle (includes AT&T phone service and AT&T high-speed Internet)
  • Verizon Bundles (all bundles include Verizon high-speed Internet and Verizon cellular service. Additional plans include DIRECTV)
  • Qwest Internet Package (all packages include Qwest cellular service and Qwest high-speed Internet. Some plans also include DIRECTV Choice Xtra)