What is a T3 Internet Connection?

T3 Internet connections work at incredible speeds (45 million bits per second). As such, they are primarily used by organizations with high traffic (such as companies and universities). With the T3 line, numerous computers can be connected to the Internet at the same time with no noticeable effect.

A T3, also known as a DS3, is a dedicated line which provides the equivalent of 28 T1 lines. This equals 672 sixty-four Kbit/s of voice or data channels. These channels use optical fiber (as opposed to infrared, copper, fiber or wireless) due to the large amounts of bandwidth being transferred. Digital signals can be transmitted at 44.736 megabits per second, and it will readily support the transfer of large databases or real-time videos.

An important element of the T3 line is the ability to multiplex. This means that data and voice information is compressed without the original information being altered. Multiplexing allows large volumes of information to travel together at the same time, and the multiplexer device is placed on the premises of the subscriber, local carrier companies or long distance companies.

T3 Clients

Most T3 clients fall into one of the following categories:

The above users have high data demands such as video conferencing and customers logging in to access updated versions of a product. When a user outgrows the T1 or NxT1 service, the next step is to advance to the T3 Internet connection.

Price of a T3 Internet Connection


Now that we know the answer to, “What is a T3 Internet connection?”, let’s take a look at the price. A very expensive option, the T3 can cost as much as $2,000 per month.

This price may drop, however, as demands for the T3 increase and more competition is introduced. In most cases, providers do not list the cost of a T3 connection; instead, you must contact the company for a price quote.

If you want the power of a T3 connection without the high price, you can also elect to share the bandwidth with others through a burstable connection. This means that other companies and organizations can draw upon the T3 bandwidth at the same time as you. In most cases, the drop in speed should be unnoticeable and will afford you cheap t3 internet service.

Fractional T3

For customers wanting a portion of the power of the T3 at a lower price, the fractional T3 is also available. This option allows a subscriber to purchase a fraction of the T3’s bandwidth at a reduced price.

T3 Internet Connection Synopsis

Normally used by large companies and government facilities, the T3 Internet connection allows vast amounts of data to be transferred quickly. For an individual, the high cost is prohibitive, but some options exist which allow a consumer to purchase a fraction of the T3’s power at a reduced price. Users can also choose to share the T3 bandwidth with others and save money.