What is an “Online Fax Machine”?

An online fax machine is an online fax service that lets you send, receive and record faxes without the need of paper fax machines or any kind of paper records at all. Cutting out the paper needs of faxing lets you reduce yearly costs, while also allowing you to run a more environmentally friendly business. With online faxing, you can read your faxes anywhere you travel on virtually any telecommunications device, giving you more efficient fax communications and more mobility in your business life. Without being tied to an office fax machine or local fax business, you’ll never have to wait around for a fax again. And online fax machines are better than standard email, because there’s a third party fax service which keeps records of your virtual faxing. You’ll never wonder which employee took your all-important fax from the fax machine again, because your internet faxes will go straight to your email.

What Do Online Faxes Cost To Send?

When you want to send faxes online, go to an online fax service and become a member. Membership usually costs around $15 to $20 a month, as well as a nominal activation fee (usually around $10). This buys you the service, though outgoing faxes will often cost around 10 cents per fax. Incoming faxes may cost something like 15 cents per fax. Businesses with bulk rates of faxes may get discounted rates. Faxes sent outside the U.S. may cost higher for U.S. based companies.

How To Send Faxes Online


When you get a membership at an online fax service like eFax, you’ll be assigned your own fax number. Incoming emails will be delivered directly to your email address, or the email address provided for your company. The email service is part of your fax service, so it is free. Reading your faxes is as easy as reading an email, so you can use your office PC or home PC, your Blackberry or your iPod to read your business faxes. Sending faxes with eFax is easy to send and to forward, and works similarly to email services. The only difference is, with paperless faxing, there is a third party record of your faxes that is easily accessed by both parties, so you never have to quibble over what was sent and what wasn’t sent.

In a basic efaxing membership package, you’ll get everything mentioned above with standard online faxing, which allows you to save money on the old-fashioned paper faxing, gives you more mobility as you attend your business around the city or country, gives you more privary, more security and frankly is faster and looks more professional than standing around a fax machine. Also, efaxing is the “green option”, because your company will save huge amounts of paper every year, so you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Often, though, E-fax services often have different tiers to their services. I’ll go over a typical advanced internet faxing services membership packages as an example.

What Is an Online Fax Machine – The Advanced Package

With advanced faxing online, you get better options. These are usually for high volume fax users and larger companies. With this package, you get more savings and more storage for your faxes. You’ll also have greater mobility. Finally, you’ll often get the “free voicemail to email” option, which allows you to record voicemail and send them as online faxes to your business partners, clients, customers or employees.