What Is Angry Birds?

What Is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a video game originally designed for Apple’s iPhone OS mobile operating system, which has currently sold over 12 million units in just over 1 year (released in December 2009). “Angry Birds” has been praised for its low price, tongue-in-cheek nature, and (most important) addictive capacity.

In fact, the Angry Birds puzzle game was so popular at Apple’s app store that the designers (Rovio Mobile of Finland) have begun designing versions for all the major touchscreen smartphones and a number of traditional operating systems, so today, you’ll find Angry Birds not only on iOS, but also for Android phones, Symbian^3 smartphones for Nokia, Maemo for Nokia N900, Palm webOS for Sprint phones, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T products, Windows, Mac OS X, and even the Playstation.

Angry Birds in Pop Culture

What Is Angry Birds?

The Angry Birds became a viral pop culture phenom at a point, even referecned in many tv programs and news shows worldwide, including Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, Conan, the Israeli sketch comedy show, Eretz Nehederet (A Wonderful Country), as well as news media outlets like The Guardians, MSNBC, Haaretz, and The Christian Science Monitor. T-shirts, plush dolls, Mattel board games have been produced or are in production, while Rovio Mobile’s CEO, Mikael Hed, hopes to see a stop-motion animated film.

With that kind of buzz and the low price of the application, it’s almost required that any good pop culture aficionado or tech geek has to try out Angry Birds, just so they know what everybody’s talking about.

How Does Angry Birds Work?

Gameplay in Angry Birds revolves around a flock of birds who have had their eggs stolen by evil green pigs. Players control the irate flock of birds and fly the birds either at the pigs or at the structures the pigs are taking cover under. Collapse the wooden, stone, and ice structures, and these buildings fall down on the pigs and kill them. In later stages of the game, explosives are found in certain crates, which are needed to annihilate well-hidden pigs.

Unlocking Special Birds

You start play with a standard red bird. As the game transpired, you have the chance to unlock special birds with special abilities. Blue bird can become a triplicate, while white birds drop explosive eggs (“We must kill the eggs in order to save them”), while the black birds have the ability to explode themselves.

Meanwhile, certain pigs have unique abilities or equipment, too. Some pigs are easy to kill, while others take a lot of damage, or wear special equipment that increases their damage capacity.

Completing Levels in Angry Birds

Levels are gained in Angry Birds by defeating all of the pigs before you run out of birds to use. You get points depending on the damage done to pigs, while bonus points are given for unused birds. Besides the point value, players are graded on a 1-3 scale of stars. If you don’t like this last grade, you can retry the level until you get a 3-star rating.

That’s all there is to Angry Birds, though with any game, it’s how the game is executed that makes all the difference. The wide popularity of the game revolves around how fun it is to play and keep playing.

Angry Birds Game Development

Rovio produced Angry Birds in 2009, so this is still a new video game. When it came time to propose new games, one of the senior designers faked a screenshot with angry-looking birds on it. That sliver of an idea evolved into the Angry Birds game, apparently.

Because the swine flu epidemic was a major factor in the news in 2009, the designers decided to make the birds’ enemies swine. The original release of the game included the episode “Angry Birds: Poached Eggs”, which contained 3 levels with 21 sub-levels apiece.

Angry Birds Episodes

Since that time, Rovio has released new episodes and updates, adding to the Angry Birds universe. There is no standard size to the episodes, but they tend to contain between 1-2 new themes and either 15 or 21 levels per theme. Here is the full list of Angry Bird episodes.

  1. Angry Birds: Poached Eggs – 3 Themes, 21 Levels per Theme
  2. Angry Birds: Mighty Hox – 2 Themes, 21 Levels per Theme
  3. Angry Birds: Danger Above – 1 Theme, 15 Levels, “Golden Eggs” Feature
  4. Angry Birds: The Big Setup – 2 Themes, 15 Levels per Theme, 1 New Golden Egg Feature
  5. Angry Birds: Ham ‘Em High – 1 Theme, 15 Levels, New Bird (Mighty Eagle)

When you purchase the “Mighty Eagle”, the new bird lets you clear out any level, though you can only use this bird one hour per uncompleted level. If you clear the level without the Mighty Eagle, this restriction is removed. Also, you can try to the Mighty Eagle feather by playing an already-cleared level and going to 100% total destruction.

Angry Birds Android Phone Troubles

When Angry Birds was being designed for the Android phones, a problem arose with the great many of configurations (78 to 79 hardware and software corporations support Android phones), which made it more difficult to build a universal interface than it was with the Apple phones. To get around this problem, over 30 different types of Android phones originally could not use Angry Birds for Android. Subsequently, a simpler version of Angry Birds was designed for these mobile phones.

You can expect Rovio to continue producing new episodes for Angry Birds, while continuing to expand to new operating systems. If your OS isn’t compatible with Angry Birds yet, wait a little while and it will be. Angry Birds and those evil green pigs have taken the world by storm.

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