What Is Barclay’s Online Banking?

What Is Barclay’s Online Banking?

Barclay’s is a UK-based bank that is trying to break into the American market with online banking services for American customers. Barclay’s happens to be the largest financial services company in the world, holding $3.7 trillion in assets as of the last fiscal year. There are nearly 4 million registered users of Barclay’s online banking, and though most of their customers are in Europe and the Middle East, there are seven million Barclay’s online users in America.

How Did Barclay’s Spread to America?

When Barclay’s acquired basically all of the Lehman Brothers holdings in September of 2008, they were able to greatly expand their presence in the United States. The popularity of Barclay’s in the UK spilled over into the United States. Remember that the barclayscard they invented in the 60s was the first credit card in the UK and eventually became the first “all-purpose” credit card in Europe. People in America became familiar with the brand from travel and from an aggressive marketing campaign Barclay’s used to attract wealthy American clientele.

What Is Barclay's Online Banking?

Barclay’s Online Banking

Like any other online banking service, the online banking at Barclay’s gives their customers access online to all of their bank accounts (even their checking account.) With Barclay’s online banking, you can pay your bills online, perform transfers between accounts, and look at your bill payment and check history. You can get your Barclay’s statement online, rather than in the mail, and even apply for loans through Barclay’s online loan application.

Basically, anything you can do at a Barclay’s branch office can be done using Barclay’s online bank service. About the only thing you can’t do is withdraw cash, but give Barclay’s a few years and they may well work that out too.

Barclay’s Online Customer Support

Unlike banks in America, UK customers of Barclay’s have the option of talking to live customer support twenty-four hours a day. Unfortunately for American Barclay’s customers, the same service isn’t available all day long. To reach Barclay’s customer service, American customers should dial 302-622-8990 between the hours of 6 AM and 2 AM.

Is Barclay’s Online Bank Secure?

Online banking customers depend on web security to protect their money and investments. That’s why Barclay’s uses a Gemalto security system to protect their customers assets — Gemalto is widely recognized as the industry leader, and Gemalto built Barclay’s security software from scratch — it is seamlessly integrated into the Barclay’s online bank website.

The main purpose of the security system at Barclay’s is to prevent fraud. Barclay’s uses a secure 128-bit encrypted server, and immediately logs the customer out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Other security features include a way to enter your password that is safe from password capture programs and viruses.

Barclay’s online banking service takes it a step further, giving its customers free Kaspersky brand web security software to download on their home computer. You get this for free with your online account at Barclay’s — the thinking goes that if their customers computers are clean, their bank system will be clean as well.

Barclay’s online banking service is meant to replace trips to a Barclay’s branch or time spent on the phone with a customer service representative. If Barclay’s online banking makes your life any easier, you’ve got a good bargain. Barclay’s online banking is free, and the nearly twenty four-hour a day help line makes the deal even sweeter.

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