What Is Photoshop?

Years ago when a person said they “had photographic proof” that an event occurred that was hard to refute. Photography was akin to what DNA evidence is today. However, thanks to a computer software program called Photoshop that “photographic proof” claim doesn’t carry the credibility that it once did.

Adobe’s Photoshop is a complex and multifunctional software program for creating, editing and managing images. If you think about it, a web page template is really just an image and Photoshop was a popular way to create websites when it first came out. However today Photoshop’s popularity is most derived from its image creation and editing capabilities.

Who’s buying Photoshop?

Photoshop is a “must have” software tool for graphic designers because of its incredibly powerful tools that help create digital art as well as more mundane items like logos, banners, brochures and business cards. It can be used to create new digital images or edit existing print material thanks to the scanning capabilities of most modern printers.

But where Photoshop is finding an increasingly growing number of users is in the serious amateur photography buffs, particularly the infrared photography fans. Photoshop is not inexpensive software but the amazing effects it can perform are worth every penny to someone interested in photography.

So why do photographers flock to this software? Here’ are a few of the reasons:

  • Making you look better. Photoshop can do an amazing job of retouching a photo. Photoshop can do everything from simple removal of red-eye to eliminating wrinkles and skin imperfections. Have you always wanted to know what you would look like as a redhead but never had the guts to dye your hair? No problem for Photoshop it can change your hair color and even add highlights.
  • Photo retouch is only one of the effects that Photoshop can do and as a matter of fact it might be considered as one of the lesser editing capabilities. You know those vacation postcards that you send to friends that say “wish you were here.” Well now your friend actually can join you on your vacation…at least in your photos. Photoshop can take an image of a person from one photograph and place them artfully in another.

The merging of images from different photos and doing it in a way so that the end result seems natural is an extremely popular Photoshop feature. Unfortunately some photographers have abused the capability and have placed people (usually celebrities) in positions or places that they have never been in for the purposes of creating shock or controversy. When a person finds themselves the subject of one of these images they are considered to have been “Photoshopped.”

  • Perhaps the greatest feature as far as photographs go is the software’s ability to control color density, resolution, size and literally dozens of special effects. Infrared photographers have to use Photoshop because all of their raw pictures have a red tint. Using the software allows them to create incredibly crisp images or eerily otherworld photographs.

When it comes to creating or editing images, if you can imagine it you can do it on Photoshop. Not only is it the graphic designer’s primary tool it is a software that can unleash the creativity of the amateur photographer as well.

Author Bio

Somehow, Melisa Cameron finds a way to balance her life between her husband and three kids, a full time job, a love of surfing, and a hobby of infrared photography and do them all well. Melissa is always looking for ways to improve her photographic skills and loves writing about new technology.