What Is the Montauk Monster?

What is the Montauk Monster?

The Montauk Monster is the nickname given to an unidentified corpse that washed up near Montauk, New York in July, 2008. Recently, the Montauk Monster has been in the news again, as another suspected “Montauk Monster” has washed ashore and been “captured” by a couple interested in the phenomenon. The couple allegedly have the new corpse in a garbage bag in a freezer at their New York home.

The Montauk Monster defies description. The corpse appears to have characteristics from several different animals, including a short and skinny tail, long legs in proportion to the creature’s body, strange teeth and a curved “beak”, and a prominent eye/skull ridge. The creature has defied description by zoologists and crypto-zoologists alike. The best guesses made to date include that the animal is a diseased or decayed dog, a deformed pony, a large rodent such as a capybara, or the damaged body of a sea turtle missing its shell. Unfortunately for the scientists who made these guesses, the odd features of the Montauk Monster simply don’t match any of these animals.

What is the Montauk Monster? Most likely it is a complex fake — William Wise, director of Stony Brook University’s Living Marine Resources Institute has suggested it is the work of a hoax artist who “got clever with latex”. Still other experts, such as Jeff Corwin, best known for his work with animals on television, have shown evidence that the Montauk Monster could very well be a raccoon. Darren Naish, a British paleontologist, supplies the outline of an image of a raccoon corpse superimposed over the Montauk Monster’s photo on his website.

While we will not likely know for sure what the Montauk Monster really is, what we do know is that people are crazy for this story. Something about “cryptids” (animals who may or may not exist) fascinates people, and this new cryptid discovery is no different. The recent discovery of a “second Montauk Monster” in Southold, New York has propelled this story back into popularity, and the internet is again falling in love with “Monty” as the animal is affectionately known.

Photos of the newest Montauk Monster discovery are quite different from the original “Monty” photos, and I have to say that this new carcass resembles a slightly decomposed young bear. Perhaps the new discovery is a copycat hoax, or could lead experts to a conclusion on what the original “Monty” is. So far, there is no hard evidence to support either that the Montauk Monster is a genetic accident, a new creature, or the badly damaged corpse of a known animal.

If you’d like to have a look at the photos of the two Montauk Monster corpses and attempt to decide what kind of animal it is for yourself, here are the links. The pictures are a bit graphic, but as we have no idea what these animals are, they aren’t exactly “hard to look at”.

The first Montauk Monster can be viewed at http://www.montauk-monster.com/images/montauk_creature_underbelly.jpg, while the newer corpse discovery is available at http://www.montauk-monster.com/images/montaukmonstercopytn.jpg.