Where Can I Find Cheap High Speed Internet?

You can find cheap high speed internet with just a little bit of online research. These days, there are hundreds of high speed internet providers. But if you are going to find the right cheap high speed DSL internet service for you, you’re going to have to determine what your internet needs are. You don’t want to buy cheap internet service that can’t handle your online needs, and therefore slows down your web functions. At the same time, you don’t want to overspend on high speed internet connections that you don’t need. So I’ll try to point out why different high speed internet costs different prices, so you’ll be able find cheap high speed internet and still be happy with your internet service provider.

Cheap High Speed Internet and Location

If you live in or near a major city, your options are better. If you live in rural areas, your options will be more limited. Many rural internet users get their local cable company and one or two other options — sometimes even satellite internet services. As satellite internet advances and becomes cheaper, people everywhere will have more options. From what I understand of friends who live in outlying areas of the country, satellite internet service in the country is outrageously high, and a little unreliable at the moment. Both of those criticisms undoubtedly won’t apply within a few years.

So when you ask “Where can I find cheap high speed internet?”, you need to first figure out how your location might affect your options. One of the options that many Americans have is AT&T, so I’m going to use it in my next example.

Cheap High Speed Internet and AT&T


Let’s look at one of the biggest high speed DSL providers in the nation: AT&T High Speed Internet. I want to use AT&T as an example, because they have a nice multi-tiered plan which illustrates the various services you’ll be buying at different prices. There is a four-tiered plan for those wanting to buy AT&T internet service.

Type of AT&T Internet Service Price

  • Basic DSL – $14.99
  • Express DSL – $25.00
  • Pro DSL – $30.00
  • Elite DSL – $35.00

Basic DSL gets you on the internet and lets you perform the basic online functions for an internet user. AT&T basic high speed service is good for sending emails and downloading small files. You can watch videos on Youtube without problems, but anything much more involved might create slow down your computer and create “lag time”.

Express DSL mainly gives you the ability to download larger files. Your internet surfing will be a little faster and your email will open quicker. Photo files, videos and music files may take a while at this speed, but you can download even large text files (pdfs, etc) without a whole lot of trouble.

Pro DSL gives you the ability to download photos, music files and video files. While you can probably download most of those files with Express DSL, you’ll be able to download these files on “Pro DSL” highspeed internet at a much quicker pace. Essentially, if you want to download a bunch of video or music files and retain your sanity, spend the extra five bucks a month to purchase Pro DSL. If you can sit at a long traffic light and not lose your patience, it might be worth it to save money and buy the $25 Express DSL.

Elite DSL from AT&T is the fastest high speed connection you can get from AT&T. This means you can download full movies files without any trouble. Downloading the same file on Pro DSL or Express DSL might take half the night. Also, if you are into online gaming, you want the Elite DSL. Otherwise, you’ll experience serious lag time when playing World of Warcraft or City of Heroes or whatever is your game of choice. Online gaming even with a powerful computer can be a whipping, if you don’t invest in the high speed DSL with the highest mbps.

Where Can I Find Cheap High Speed Internet – Mbps

Here’s where I should discuss “Mbps”. Mbps stands for “megabytes per second”. The more megabites per second your internet connection can send and receive, the faster your computer will run when online. That’s because “mbps” is a measure of the amount of information your wireless can handle any given second. That’s also why one level of AT&T DSL costs $14.99 and another level of DSL costs $35. One simple handles more megabytes per second, so it can handles bigger assignments.

Cheap High Speed Internet and Security

Sometimes, cheaper high speed internet providers save money by having fewer safeguards on your internet security. This means that spyware, adware, pop-ups, hackers and identity thieves might have a better chance to harm your computer and harm your life. So when considering buying a cheaper high speed dsl or broadband internet service, make sure you have good anti-virus and spyware protections for the operating systems on all of your home computers. Find good internet bargains, but be careful.

Cheap Broadband Internet and Download Limits

Another way an internet provider can save enough money to provide cheaper broadband internet service is the “download limit”. This means that you get cheaper internet, but you can only download a certain number of items per month. Given that a highspeed internet connection on a new or fast computer runs quickly, you can exhaust all your downloads in one evening. If you download a lot, check to see if there’s a download limit on your internet service. If you never download from the internet, get the internet service connection with download limits; you’ll be giving up nothing.

Finding Cheap High Speed DSL Internet

Now that you know why high speed internet costs what it does, you can go about finding cheap high speed DSL internet all for yourself. Figure out your needs, look at the high speed internet packages which all the online service provider companies have to offer and find the right cheap high speed internet connection for you. The question should be “How cheap can my high speed internet be and still work right”?