Who Is Mr. ZZee?

Little is known about Mr. ZZee — much more is known about his “line of work”.

Mr. ZZee (also known as Mr. Z or Mr. ZZEE) is the infamous celebrity sex tape broker responsible for myriad celebrity sex tapes and the ensuing cocktail of embarassment and publicity that follows.

It is said he is the mystery man behind several best selling celebrity sex tapes, but so far, Mr. ZZee has not disclosed his true identity — probably a good thing considering the rash of lawsuits that are no doubt waiting to be filed against him.

On Sunday night, May 10th 2009, Mr. ZZee began to leak information about a new celeb sex video– the so called “Hoopz” tape.

The Hoopz tape is an amateur video of female celeb Hoopz, real name Nikki Alexander, who is best known for her work on VH1 reality shows Flavor of Love and I Love Money.

The full video will reportedly be made available for online pay per view purchase and on sale in DVD format at your local sleazy retailer. Hithiphop.com posted four Hoopz tape promo pictures that were first leaked on celeb gossip site on221.com. The pictures show Hoopz (censored) in some rather compromising positions with “her boyfriend”, according to reports. Rumors of the contents of the tape were making the rounds quickly on the internet, including the fact that Hoopz apparently displays a “wild side ways cowgirl position that must be seen to be believed”.

Infamous celebrity sex tape broker Mr. ZZee, the mystery man behind the sex tape of Hoopz’ fellow VH1 reality star Buckeey, has merely stated that he “acquired a hardcore sex video starring reality TV star Nikki Alexander aka Hoopz”. We have no idea yet where he got the tape from, although another rumor floating around the web suggests that Hoopz herself sold the tape. Nikki Alexander was the star and winning contestant of VH1’s first season of Flavor of Love and the spinoff I Love Money.

From what I’ve seen of the video, it is surprisingly high quality. Many amateur sex tapes, even of celebrities, feature bad lighting, poor angles, and questionable identities. Hoopz’ video is quite different — the video is high quality, and features multiple positions, the use of at least two cameras with multiple camera angles. For now, only screen shots and a short video clip are available for public viewing.

Why do celebrities make these tapes? The key part of that question is the word “celebrities”. Bigger names don’t need the flash in the pan attention garnered by cheesy amateur sex videos, while “celebrities” and reality stars find their names falling out of popularity, and release these videos as a kind of last ditch effort to keep their celebrity alive. The other side of the question is — do celebrities have a hand in these tapes at all? Many celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson, claim their sex tapes were never meant to be released. Often, a jilted lover or “friend” of the celebrity releases the videos to make money for themselves. Remember, celebs — be careful who you let into your home.