Who is Talk Fusion?

Who Is Talk Fusion?

By now, if you’ve ever wondered how to send a video email to push your business, you’ve probably heard of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion has a lot of buzz behind it as a new way of safely and easily inserting videos that customers actually click on and watch into emails. But where did it come from? For some folks, it’s not enough to merely enjoy a product; they want to know all the background details before they hitch their wagon to someone else’s.

A Little History…

Talk Fusion is a relatively new phenomenon, so there’s really not a lot to say about its history. It was created in 2004 when founder Bob Reina decided that he wanted to simply email a 10-second video to some of his friends. For a variety of reasons, he was told that it was not possible to do so in the form that he desired. Undeterred, Bob called upon an IT guru friend of his and one thing led to another. Soon enough, they had put some something together.

In 2007, Talk Fusion hit the marketplace. News quickly spread about this new form of video that allowed you to insert them directly into emails without the use of suspicious-looking links. Talk Fusion was an indisputable success.

About the Product

With the plethora of virus-filled spam out there everywhere online these days, most of us are loathe to click on just about any link we get in an email, unless it is from a very close friend or family member. So for the Internet marketer in particular, this presents a real problem. How are you supposed to get your customers to watch your video when they won’t click on your links?

The Talk Fusion solution to this problem is to remove the link altogether. Instead of a lengthy link that many users will assume leads to a virus or endless circle of spam, you can put a clickable still from your video directly into the email. When the receiver clicks on the still, the actual video opens up externally and plays.

Easy to Use

The good thing about Talk Fusion video email software is that it is easy to use. With the rise of YouTube and other social networking sites, just about everybody knows how to create and upload Internet videos. So there is no reason for Talk Fusion to be otherwise. You can use a simple flip camera or a webcam like you would for a YouTube video to create your Talk Fusion video and upload it. The still for your email is created automatically and smoothly inserted into the email.

Is It Worth It?

If you are looking at video email as a moneymaking tool, you are probably primarily concerned with the cost versus the payoff. This is completely understandable and expected. Let’s do a little comparison to put things in perspective.

To get everything you will need to get going, you’re probably going to spend about $197/month on various video email, video broadcasting and video sharing software. Talk Fusion, by comparison, has it all together and only costs $35/month. There is a $250 start-up fee, however.

Whichever path you take, video email is perfect for product demonstrations, testimonials, quotations, thank yous, unboxing presentations, personalized marketing, improving customer retention, increasing conversion rates, lead generation, and increasing revenues.

About the Author

Melissa Cameron and her husband needed to embark on a few home improvement projects to accommodate their growing family. Thanks to the fact that Melissa is an avid Internet surfer, she was able to navigate her way around to determine which tools would be most important for them to invest in. Due to Melissa’s consistent resourcefulness, her husband often refers to her as a walking infomercial.

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