Who Provides The Best Internet Packages?

When it comes time to select an Internet package or Internet bundle (a combination of Internet service, phone service and television service), one of the first questions on your mind should be, “Who provides the best Internet packages?”. While standard Internet services are all pretty comparable when it comes to cost, various companies can differ greatly on Internet packages.

By getting a bundle, you can literally save hundreds of dollars per year. And not only will it save time when you’re paying bills, but you’ll only need to remember one number to call in case of any technical problems. Now that’s what I call convenience!

Things To Consider On Internet Packages

Before getting to the question of who provides the best Internet packages, there are several factors which should be considered. When you’re looking for the perfect bundle to meet your needs, think about the following:

  • How much Internet do you use? If you’re on all the time, then you’ll definitely want a high speed internet connection. The same applies if you want to download large files or watch videos. If you rarely use the Internet, then maybe a dial-up connection would meet your needs and save you some money.
  • If you want to watch television in high-definition, then getting HD channels should be a priority. If you’re a sports nut, make sure to get a television plan which offers packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • What times of the day do you use the phone the most? Companies differ on pricing plans during different times of the day. Decide when you use the phone the most and look for a plan which provides the best rate.

Types Of Internet Packages


These are some of the leading Internet packages or Internet bundles currently offered. Take a look and judge for yourself on who provides the best Internet packages available.

  • The Charter Bundle – This package currently costs $69.97 a month with a one-year commitment. You’ll also receive $150 cash back, plus a free wireless router and cable modem. This bundle includes Charter cable television, Charter high-speed Internet and Charter telephone.
  • Time Warner Bundle – This Internet package includes Time Warner Cable digital cable, Time Warner Cable digital telephone and Road Runner high-speed online. As part of their current offer, Time Warner will give a $300 voucher for groceries or gas to new subscribers. A one-year commitment is required, and the services normally cost $49.95 per month (for cable), $34.95 per month (for Internet) and $39.95 per month (for digital phone). The package deal is much cheaper, although you’ll need to enter your street and zip code to receive an exact quote.
  • Comcast Triple Play Package – This Internet package includes $300 cash back, free equipment and free Real Multimedia package. It includes Comcast high-speed cable, Comcast digital cable and Comcast digital voice phone service. For an exact price quote, you’ll be required to enter your street address and zip code. When searching for who provides the best Internet packages, keep in mind that many of these offers are only available for a limited time.
  • Qwest Internet Bundle – Includes Qwest Choice Home (with unlimited local calling), Qwest Connect Silver (up to 1.5 Mbps download speeds) and DIRECTV Choice Xtra (more than 200 channels). The total cost for this package is $85.97 per month.
  • AT&T Internet Package – Their top Internet package is available for $65 per month. This includes phone service with unlimited calling and 13 features, plus AT&T high-speed Internet Pro with download speeds up to 3.0 Mbps.