How Can I Be Romantic Without Spending Lots of Money?

Younger guys who are dating often don’t have a whole lot of extra money to spend. Some of these guys want to be romantic with their date or girlfriend, or at least feel the need to be romantic. If you’re looking for ways to be romantic and not spend a whole lot of money, here are some ideas that will keep her guessing while you’re saving money.

Romance Without Spending Money

I write this for guys, but these ideas apply to you girls out there who want some romance without spending money on romantic moments, too. All you women out there should feel free to get ideas from the article below, too.

  • Don’t Create Big Expectations – First of all, don’t create expectations from the beginning that you’re going to spend big amounts of money on your date or partner. Guys often make the mistake of sending whole bouquets of flowers when they first start dating, but do not doubt that is a mistake. First of all, she may think you’re desperate for her approval, instead of trying to be romantic. Second, she comes to expect big batches of flowers, and probably more and more as time goes by. If you want to send a token of your affection, send one flower. One rose is just as romantic and probably more romantic than a dozen roses. You can work up to the dozen roses and two dozen roses and three dozen roses later, when you have more money.
  • Cook Her Dinner – There’s nothing more romantic for a woman to have a guy wait on her. Cooking her a meal is a lot cheaper than going out to a nice restaurant, and you are putting out a lot of effort just for her. If you have the skills to cook for a woman and make a tasty meal, this is a romantic situation. You have more privacy. You can add candlelight and the appropriate romantic foods. Throw in a less expensive bottle of wine and you have the perfect evening. Speaking of wine, that reminds me of something.
  • Don’t Order Alcohol – If you go out to a restaurant, it’s a classic mistake to order alcohol. Spirits are supposed to be mood-lifters, cutting the edge off of nervousness and letting you be less inhibited. The thing is, you probably need a few inhibitions on a first date, and alcohol is crazy expensive in restaurants. If you have a few drinks, you’re likely to say something or do something that is not going to be romantic. Alcohol and romance do not necessarily go together, and certainly they don’t go together cheaply. Besides, a part of romance is expectation of what’s to come, and having a healthy level of butterflies is a good part of those expectations. Alcohol gets rid of the butterflies.
  • how-be-romantic
    Less Is More
    – Keep your girlfriend wanting more. If things go well, it’s natural to want early dates to last all night. But don’t go on a long date when you first start dating. If you keep her wanting more, that will keep her in anticipation of the next date and the date after that. Besides, shorter dates are cheaper dates.
  • Avoid Talking About Money on a Date – One last thing about saving money in your relationship. When you want to be romantic without spending lots of money, you have to be a bit like a magician. That is, your date shouldn’t “see the strings”, so to speak. Create the illusion that you’re being romantic cheaply because you want to be romantic, not because you want to be cheap. Don’t talk about money and don’t brag about saving money in front of your date. The less said about finances, the better.

Inexpensive And Romantic Date Ideas

There’s never “nothing to do”. When you don’t have a lot of money and you don’t want the same old date, that’s when you have to get creative. Here are all kinds of inexpensive and romantic date ideas.

  • Thrift Dating – Have a dating game. Agree to go to a local thrift store at the start of your date. Each of you buy one item of clothing for less than $5 or $10 and agree to wear it on the date. This will be fun, a little romantic and certainly different. The shopping experience creates camaraderie and lets your date know that you’re not taking things too seriously.
  • Night Time Picnic – If the weather is good and you know of a safe place for some stargazing at night, go for the night time picnic. Spread out a blanket for the two of you to sit on, bring along some cheese and crackers and sit under the stars together. Your local park or lake are appropriate settings. So is a local outdoor free concert or play.
  • Living Room Picnic – Couples end up staying at home a lot when they don’t have money. If you’re in the same dreary setting, then do something to make the setting a little less dreary. Spread out the blanket and have a home picnic in your living room. People who can’t go out for a concert or stand-up act can rent a concert video or comic DVD and pretend they went out on the town to see a show. If you really want to trick things up, combine this with the next romantic idea.
  • Home Spa – We all like to be pampered. There are few women I know that don’t like the spa treatment. Unfortunately, spas tend to be expensive. That’s where the “home spa treatment” comes into play. Get a home spa kit and treat your girlfriend to a night a her masseur. Look for “home spa kit” or shiatsu massage kits in your local bath & body type stores.
  • Nostalgia Trip – Go back to the place you went on your first date. Remind her that you remember your first date and how magical it was. A nostalgia trip is great if you do it only every so often, because it shows you have fond memories of your past without dwelling too much on it. A little nostalgia is romantic. You might even play “your old song” that the two of you shared on the way to the restaurant. Since you were younger and likelier had less money when you started dating, this has the added advantage that the restaurant should be cheaper. Ignore this suggestion is you spent a lot on the first date.
  • Celebrate Your Romance and Give Her a Gift – Buy her an inexpensive gift or a card to celebrate your romance. This doesn’t have to be for a holiday or anniversary, and in fact this works better when it’s not. You’ll surprise her with a surprise celebration and gift. Once again, the gift doesn’t have to be expensive, either. The idea that you give her a token of your affection for no other reason than to “celebrate your love” is more romantic than giving gifts according to some time table. Once again, being romantic is about exceeding her expectations. She expects one thing from you and you give her more. She’ll appreciate that more than just another expensive gift.

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