How Do You Cast Love Spells?

Love spells have been around for centuries. They have appeared in all manner of stories, faerytales, and folklore. Witches of old have always traditionally cast love spells. We have all heard tales of young men who would travel to the witches hut far in the woods to purchase such spells. The spells have been everything from a bubbling potion to the burning of candles but the intended results are the same.

Most people have scoffed at the idea of magic and incantations. The idea of using some sort of voodoo to get a person to fall in love with you may seem ridiculous but there are many who still practice the art. You do not necessarily have to be a modern day Wiccan or witch to do it. Sometimes you may just need a little help in the love department and decide to try a love spell. But how do you cast love spells? Do you need any specific tools? Here are some quick steps in how to cast love spells.

Wiccans and Witches Love Witchcraft

Before using any love witchcraft, the number one rule is not to hurt anyone. Wiccans and witches believe that anything that you do to others will be visited back on you. If your intentions are good, then good karma will be sent to you. If your intentions are bad, then bad karma will come knocking. Casting a love spell to open someone (including yourself) up to love is okay. Casting a love spell on a specific person to bind them to you is highly unwise. So before you cast any love spells, make sure your intentions are good ones.

The Best Time to Cast A Love Spell


Spells are closely tied to the cycles of the moon. Different phases of the moon will have different effects on spells such as increasing or decreasing their potency. If you cast a love spell during the waning moon will apparently decrease the spells effect. This phase of the moon is actually better for breaking up a love affair, remove obstacles, and drive away unwanted people.

The best phase of the moon in which to cast a love spell is during the waxing moon. This is the time for love spells, spells for success, and spells for fertility. You can also cast love spells during the full moon because that is the most powerful phase. Spells cast during a full moon will instigate an immediate change or a sense of urgency.

Materials for Casting Love Spells

Now that you know when to cast a love spell and under the right conditions, you need to know the proper materials for casting love spells. You will need the following:

  • A white candle
  • A candle in your favorite color
  • Two candle holders
  • A piece of cloth, preferably red or pink
  • A piece of red ribbon
  • A piece of red chalk

How To Cast The Love Spell

After checking your intentions and gathering your materials, you are ready. But how do you cast love spells? There are many ways to do it. The method we are using is for a simple love spell that will open you up and make you more receptive to the love of others.

Take the piece of cloth and lay it before you. The first thing to do is to meditate and prepare. Think of your perfect partner. Think of their physical, emotional, and spiritual qualities. Once you have them firmly in mind then release all thoughts of that person. Get rid of all thoughts of that person and slowly clear your mind.

Once all thoughts of your perfect partner are gone from your mind, then you are ready. Open your spirit up to love by holding the candle of your favorite color. While holding the candle, speak aloud listing all the qualities about yourself that you want to bring into a relationship with your future partner.

Once you are done listing your qualities, place the candle on the piece of cloth before you.

Next pick up the white candle. While holding it, speak aloud listing all the qualities that you are looking for in a partner. Concentrate more on their emotional and spiritual traits instead of superficial ones. After you finish that, take the red ribbon and make it into a heart shape. Place the heart-shaped ribbon around both of the candles. You should start this love spell during a new moon and each day meditate on the relationship that you desire.  Everyday, move the candles a little closer to each other. By the time the full moon comes around the candles should be touching one another. When the candles finally touch, take the red chalk and draw another heart around the both the candles and the ribbon. Speak your intentions while doing this and it will seal the spell.

It is important to make yourself accessible to other people during the course of the spell. You should go out and be social. The spell is supposed to open you up to the possibility of love and it cannot do that if you stay in your room all the time. It may take awhile for the spell to work but do not despair. For a spell to be successful, you need to be disciplined, meditate daily, and stay focused.

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